Radio's questions - Hindi iziqna

Best answer: Sunday September 9th Blockbusters: Richard Linklater Bookworm Trivia: Stephen King Classic Rock Challenge: Big Johnny Country Music Trivia: 10 Get Your Game On: 6 Healthy Knowledge: Vitamin C Music Challenge: Oasis Music Pop Quiz: Rag'n'Bone Man Sports Trivia: 10 Superhero... show more

Best answer: B95.5 6:25 B –Word: Idea 9:25 B –Word: Exchange 4:25 B -Word: Mac Back to work Perk: Tracy Chapman Blockbusters: Montana Book Worm: Clive Cussler; Robin Burcell Country Trivia: Sugarland Classic Rock: Edgar Music Challenge: Owen Morris Music Pop Quiz: Stormzy Get your game on: What month was Healthy Knowledge:... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters: Palm Springs Book Worm: The Kremlin's Candidate Country Trivia: Yours Classic Rock: John Lennon Music Challenge: Red Special Music Pop Quiz: Seasons Change Get your game on: Real Estate Royale Healthy Knowledge: Cornea Superhero Trivia: Hollywood Sports Trivia: Spencer Dinwiddie TV Trivia: Demi Moore show more

Best answer: Blockbusters is Pakistan Bookworm is The Escape Artist Classic Rock is 1969 Country Music is Chris Lane Get Your Game On is About 1000 years in the future Healthy is Ovaries Sports is Brad Mills Super Hero is Zoe Saldana TV is ABC

Next year in [2019], I'm going to watch super bowl 53 and see who wins! Which artist do you think will perform at super bowl 53? And do you want to see any rock band perform at super bowl 53?

Best answer: Blockbusters: Ferdinand Book Worm: Dan Brown Country Trivia: Ziggy Marley Classic Rock: Delaware Music Challenge: Steve Hackett Music Pop Quiz: Adele Get your game on: Splatoon Healthy Knowledge: Dental implant Superhero Trivia: Drew Goddard Sports Trivia: Columbus Blue Jackets TV Trivia: Jessica Jones WCCQ... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters: Captain Jack Sparrow Book Worm: Larry McMurtry Country Trivia: Pistol Annies Classic Rock: Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs Music Challenge: Stevie Wonder Music Pop Quiz: Maroon 5 Get your game on: For Honor Healthy Knowledge: Enamel Superhero Trivia: Hawkgirl Sports Trivia: San Jose Sharks TV... show more

Best answer: Wednesday August 8th B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: clink 9:25am: noir Back to work perk: Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes 4:25pm: red Email Blast Bonus Code (by 10pm Friday) Enter WISH for 1500 points (find link under Bonus Codes on site) Blockbusters Trivia: Snatched Bookworm Trivia: ... show more

Best answer: Thursday August 2nd B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: filly 9:25am: porch Back to work perk: Prince 4:25pm: tradition Blockbusters Trivia: T2 Trainspotting Bookworm Trivia: Northern California Classic Rock Challenge: Levon Helm Country Music Trivia: Las Vegas Get Your Game On: Survival... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters: The Great Wall Book Worm: Schindler's List Country Trivia: Unapologetically Classic Rock: Michael McDonald Music Challenge: Guns N' Roses Music Pop Quiz: Bleachers Get your game on: Mobile Strike Healthy Knowledge: Shoulder Sports Trivia: Sidney Crosby Superhero Trivia: Greek Island TV... show more

Best answer: thak you BOB! I was not able to post the question early this morning. tried too many times and got locked out

Best answer: Aloha Summer is Fiji Blockbusters is Fifty Shades Darker Bookworm is Edinburgh Classic Rock is David Coverdale Country Music is The Way I Talk Get Your Game On is Wind Healthy is Defending Against Infection Sports is Penguins Super Hero is The Punisher TV is Scrabble Today is my birthday.

This radio contest has been going on for about a week and I’m curious that if I’m closer to the radio station, will it make my call going through faster? I live a few towns away and was wondering if location could be a variable to connection. Every time I’ve called, the phone goes to dial tone as if it is busy,... show more

Best answer: Friday July 27th B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: shake 9:25am: dance Back to work perk: Meghan Trainor Email Blast Bonus Code (by 10pm Friday) Enter BREAKFAST for 1500 points (find link under Bonus Codes on site) Blockbusters Trivia: Patriot’s Day Bookworm Trivia: Lyme Classic Rock Challenge: A... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters: Hidden Figures Book Worm: Winchester Country Trivia: Singles You Up Classic Rock: Alan And Marilyn Bergman Music Challenge: Jewel Music Pop Quiz: Kendrick Lamar Get your game on: Marshall Law Healthy Knowledge: Helps Build And Repair New Body Tissue Superhero Trivia: Warner Animation Group Sports... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters is The Greatest Showman Bookworm is Longbourn Classic Rock is Sultans Of Swing Country Music is She's With Me Get Your Game On is Jack Healthy is Main Structural Molecule In Hair And Nails Sports is 143rd Running Super Hero is Wonder Woman TV is Spencer Strasmore

Best answer: Tuesday July 24th B95.5 WYJB Albany NY 6:25am: parent 9:25am: wishes Back to work perk: A Great Big World Blockbusters Trivia: The Six Billion Dollar Man Bookworm Trivia: A Play Classic Rock Challenge: What A Fool Believes Country Music Trivia: Round Here Buzz Get Your Game On: Master Raven... show more

Best answer: Blockbusters: Wonder Book Worm: Christopher Country Trivia: Dustin Lynch Classic Rock: Syd Barret Music Challenge: Train A Comin' Music Pop Quiz: Alicia Keys Get your game on: Ubisoft Healthy Knowledge: Hematoma Superhero Trivia: Aether Sports Trivia: Hawaii TV Trivia: Dr. Robert Ford World Cup Trivia: WCCQ... show more