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Best answer: we hit the point of no return on 12 21 12 when atmospheric CO2 hit 400 ppm . we have triggered a very rapid , runaway , irreversible , greenhouse effect . earth will be uninhabitable ( worldwide crop failure due to the heat ) in less than 20 years . humanity slowly starves to death . in 100 years earth will be a... show more

Best answer: Claim it isn't happening.

Best answer: At least 90% of plants will not be pollinated which means they will die off. It will become impossible to feed non-wild animals so they will die off. Humans will be left with no food, which means you are lunch.

apparently they want to go on a scientific hunt and kill a whole hundreds of whales for research on whale conservation. wtaf?? how can I get involved to help stop this barbarity?

Best answer: Grizzly, aka brown bear, aka Kodiak bear....depending on where they live. Have you seen the size of these things? OMG! They could eat and crap out a Canada.

Small animals and insect nothing huge. I've had a look and can't find anything for sale and only licensing is if you think you'll kill them being in their habitat. Surely if there is enough about that it's okay to get a license if you might kill them carrying out work or for taxidermy then there... show more

I'm 13. In my state we only get 0.35 cents per pount for cans,$2.13 per pound bare copper wire,0.05 cents per pound for circuit boards.

What are the most extinct animals?

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Natural causes of extinction?

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Been doing my homework and can't seem to get answers, could anybody help? Genetic pollution (crossbreeding) -give 2 animals or plants that are extinct because of that Coextinction -give 2 animals or plants that are extinct because of that Pollution -give 2 animals or plants that are extinct because of that... show more

I'm supposed to conduct this survey for a biology course in college. If any one wants to respond I'd appreciate it. Of the following environmental issues pick the one that is the most important to you or you feel should be addressed or handled: 1. Mass food production/starvation/farming/overpopulation 2.... show more

For the first time this year, I saw one white butterfly in my garden.