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Big cat rescue?

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I’m currently in veterinary medicine school and I’m going to specialize in exotic animals such as big cats. My husband is studying to be a neurosurgeon, and our plan is to move to either Texas or Africa and start a small, 10 acre sanctuary for big cats such as lions, tigers, and cheetahs. Cheetah’s are almost... show more

Best answer: It can be. The problem lies in the greed of man. Ivory and diamonds have little real value, just man's illusion of grandeur.

Best answer: Well you fancy him not for the character he is but because of pheromones telling you he would be a good match genetically for your offspring. It's really as simple as that. Women are attracted to certain men largely based on pheromones, but they also have free will so that's where other qualities like... show more

I have family members who go by this policy, and it honestly makes me sick. Sure, pee doesn't typically stink right off the bat like poop, but after a while, it's not pleasant. They say they do it because it saves money, but so far, no one has been able to give me a definite number on how much they are... show more

A month ago I was hired at a hotel resort in retail store as a cashier. Of course I was nervous in the beginning but eventually got the hang of it. I was always told that I was doing a good job. But just last week my manager sent me a new schedule for a completely different job store location. And new schedule just... show more

There is a highly invasive vine in a favorite park in my neighborhood. This particular vine is considered highly invasive in many states along the east coast including mine. I saw a young oak tree being smothered by this invasive vine. I pulled and cut some of the vines using a plant shear to free up the... show more

Best answer: Japan just puled out of the IWC. Now they will not be able to hunt in international waters.

Best answer: Depends what the motive is. Are those same people ignoring whaling by other nationalities?

Best answer: they should be confiscated but not allowed to suck on artificial reefs

Do they really have to kill thousands of animals and ruin the entire rain forest for... toothpaste and laundry detergent?

Best answer: Half of what they dominated before humans started to wipe them out.

Why or why not?

Are the rivers of Brazil cleaned?

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