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What are the most extinct animals?

19 answers · 3 weeks ago

For the first time this year, I saw one white butterfly in my garden.

Best answer: Well I agree, it's hardly extreme simply to be transgender.. but it is extreme to say this. There's never any excuse for violence.

What can an ordinary person do?

8 answers · 4 months ago
I watch a lot of nature shows, and animals everywhere are in trouble. Is there anything we can realistically do? It justn’t seem like picking up trash by the side of the road is going to save the polar bears.

Why is life on Earth so vicious?

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Best answer: One reason is because every species on Earth, humans included, will reproduce until their population exceeds the resources needed to sustain it (food, space, etc.) unless something else trims its numbers. That results in competition that ends in some surviving and others dying - an evolutionary war. ----- -----... show more

Best answer: WWF is a major advocate for reducing man-made climate change. Trying to educate the USA out of their love of fossil fuels is a thankless task, but someone's got to do it - and it don't come cheap.

Best answer: Most whales don't have teeth. They simply strain small organisms out of the water, and since the chicken fingers and fries would definitely be larger than these tiny critters, it'd just bounce off. Orcas eat fish, but could probably be coaxed to try chicken. I don't think they'd like it very... show more

Best answer: In terms of food and water, a lot more than we have now. But we are already running low on certain resources used in modern technology, such as rare metals and rare earths, we are going to have to mine asteroids in the near future.

Best answer: I will offer you, your favourite food.

Best answer: In Oregon it's a common sight to see huge trucks carrying logs almost two feet in diameter. I assume they're headed for a sawmill. Oregon ships a lot of lumber to China and Japan. In certain parts of the state you can see denuded hills, with brush piles of old branches. They look horrible. In some... show more