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Best answer: Yes, it is, now you'll have to excuse me as I need to go and boil some water in the freezer.

Best answer: The world's largest cause for endangered animals being poached is China. They use things like rhino horn, tiger penis or elephant tusk in their fake medicines. Chinese buyers can always find new poachers to work for them, so the source of funding needs to be disrupted. Apparently the Chinese government... show more

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Why do not we do this instead?

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Best answer: It's called waste-to-energy, or incineration. There are lots of them in place already.

I don’t smoke but love the environment and wildlife, so it’s hard for me to pass by litter without picking it up. A lot of my apartment neighbors just leave all their cigarette butts outside in the grass. What is the most environmentally friendly way to dispose of them?

Why are species so hard to define?

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Species are not clear-cut entities. What are three methods one might use to define species. Why are species so hard to define?

How are wildlife rehab vets paid?

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I have been watching a show about a wildlife rescue team. There were a few vets that worked there, and I thought that the job looked pretty cool. There is only one vet there who works full time for wildlife, tho. I want to know how they are actually paid, since animals can't pay them.

Does your family recycle?

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What is universal waste?

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