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The deadline for open enrollment is December 15th. My husband s job does not offer health insurance. My job only offers AFLAC (supplemental health insurance). We have a 3 year old son that definitely needs coverage, and I see my doctor every other month. We went through last year and currently pay... show more

Am I going to get fired?

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I called my boss at work today (retail job) and told him I can’t come tomorrow for my shift that I am scheduled because I have a final exam in one of my college class in 2 days that I need to study for. He was mad at me on the phone but the thing is that I had requested that day off to study 3 weeks ago and they... show more

Fired From Kohl's. Thoughts?

6 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 2 hours ago
I got fired from being assistant store manager at Kohl's. I could do all the main aspects of the job. It still wasn't good enough. I called HR and asked if I could ever work there again and they said no...not even as a cashier or supervisor. Thoughts? I feel like my life is a failure now;(

Should My mom and me keep our life insurance policy?

9 answers · Insurance · 1 day ago
My mom has been paying life insurance for me since I was young and we still do pay on it. We sometimes miss the payment date and they always threatened to terminate unless we pay 75 for 3 months for me and 150 for 3 months for my mom. If we miss a payment of course we have to pay more. I have been doing research... show more

Easy solution.

I’m scared she’ll put me on child support I have 2 kids with her. I’m not a bad dad I’m living with them buy food pay the bills at the moment but soon will leave because she said she don’t want to be with me anymore and talks to a guy she says is a friend n want no relationship. I agreed I will pay her 400 a month... show more

Is it actually harder than ever in history to find a job?

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Best answer: It s crazy easy to find a McJob..but if you want something where you can buy a home, go on vacation, raise a family and retire you re out of luck. Careers are in criticallly short supply and that s what the media and gov t never address. Employment maybe up but pensions, insurance, retirement and other benefits... show more

Depressed and suicidal over debt?

14 answers · Credit · 1 day ago
So I'm 19 and I have credit card debt. Recently, I was in an accident that caused my right ankle to break, and I dislocated my left kneecap, and fractured my left wrist. I had to quit my job because it was very physical and I had no way of completing my job. I made ends meet for 9 weeks by using money in my... show more

Why I asked is I am tryna find out how landlords make a profit if the mortgage repayment for the place is more than the rent they are collecting? I've been doing a bit of research over the past few weeks and during the process realised that the price to buy a house, when you subtract down payment and do the... show more

Can a locksmith break into every door?

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I have about four and quit because I hated them.

Cam my boyfriend and I afford an apartment?

41 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 4 days ago
If we both worked full time and I made $13 an hour and he makes $15 an hour, would we be able to afford an apartment? (GA area). Please don t be rude, I m trying to get real based experiences. I m not fortunate enough to have parents who will teach me these life lessons and I ve had to do it all on my own. Right... show more

Left storage unit but storage unit is still wanting me a bill?

11 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 16 hours ago

How to deal with a mean boss?

12 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 3 days ago
My manager treats my coworker unfairly and now has us involved. She asked me scrutinize her work and report every mistake she makes. When others make mistakes she easily lets it go but whem this coworker makes the same mistakes she berates and humiliates her. She even finds a way to blame her for our mistakes. When... show more

How much more difficult is it to find a job after getting fired?

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Best answer: Its just harder to find a job while not currently employed...the fired part makes it a little tougher, but not having a current job is the bigger issue.

Can my Mother still fight for the property?

17 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 2 days ago
My mother divorced my father but she couldnt have a part of the property they had together because it was under my dad's brother name .. but my mother found this paper not too long ago can she still fight the case ? This case is in Texas .