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Which phone company handles 718 area code?

16 answers · Cell Phones & Plans · 2 weeks ago

if i buy a 'hdmi switch' will the thing operate correctly for me?

Whats the number to ring to check if your phone is working?

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I am transferring all of the pictures from my canon g7x mark ii to my 2018 macbook pro. All of the photos transferred in but not the videos. I am sending them over wifi because I do not have a cable to connect the camera to my mac. When I go to re-transfer the images again, the camera says "There are no... show more

Like on a home TV screen, not the laptop. I know I sound like a super old person lol but I’m 25 and kind of an old soul anyway. I’ve only been watching Netflix on my laptop lately and haven’t watched a movie on a TV screen for years

Please suggest an Android phone under 95 USD...?

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What s the best, loudest sound machine?

12 answers · Other - Electronics · 2 weeks ago
I have a very old house, with shiplap boards as the wall. The baby sleeps in the room that is attached to both the kitchen and the living room. All of the ones I have tried are super quiet. I need something that can be loud enough to drown out the sounds of cooking, vacuuming, talking, ect. Please... show more

How do I fix camcorder failed on Android phone?

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Will my tv work in Europe (220v)?

9 answers · TVs · 2 weeks ago
I have a Sony television that I plan to move from the U.S. to Europe, where the voltage in the country i'm going is 220v. The label behind tv states: 110v~240v 50/60HZ. Does this mean I only need plug adapter and not converter?

I want to drop Cablevision, along with my landline and get Verizon FiOS just for tv, and use T-Mobile for internet service for my cell and tablet. I really annoys me that Altice, a foreign company, took over Cablevision, lied about not laying off workers in their contract with Cablevision, and now are gouging... show more

Can a broken CRT TV have long term effects?

11 answers · TVs · 2 weeks ago
Foolishly I broke a CRT TV screen in my basement about a year ago. I opened a window, left the room, cleaned it up after a few minutes and moved it out of the house. I then left the house for a few hours. I held my breath when it first happened so I don’t think I breathed anything in, but my concern is that toxic... show more

How can I hack into my boyfriends iPhone with out him knowing?

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The tracking device would alert police and security anytime a machine gun is by a school or an event where mass casualtys could take place and it would be placed somewhere inside the gun where it cant be tampered with or authoritys would be notified, I dont wanna procrastinate on raising awarness because i already... show more

How old were you when you got your first mobile phone?

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