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How to grow a small business?

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Best answer: You can buy handmade chocolates on etsy and they make it at home. Maybe try that to start off with so you won't be spending a great deal of money without selling anything.

I joined a ski club and everyone has a personalized jacket except for me. The manufacturer said effective 2018, the minimum order is 300. All have a jacket except for me and there are only 75 members. Any suggestions on how I can get the same ski jacket.

I have worked in the industry for over 10 years and now I want to get out on my own and open my own place. As much experience as I have, I've never opened a restaurant. I am planning on using an electric pizza oven, but I need to know if they require a hood/vent. I am in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Who can I... show more

Best answer: It creates jobs but also waste, time and money. What some see as a gimmick others see as useful. One example is the bumbo. A special seating device for babies. It is not needed and an absolute waste of money. Babies will sit up when they are ready. A ridiculous idea. But others would argue against me. I guess it is... show more

What is the difference between the need for self-esteem and the need for achievements? because they both have similar ideas, which is feeling good about accomplishing something.

I work in the automotive industry and I have a business plan similar to the place I work for already. Can I register a business name and start it up while still working for this company and then quit and focus on my business? Which will basically be the same business I m doing now but in my own name? I m in Ontario... show more

So, I make a small custom table with cantilever style folding brackets that work perfectly. I mount it to the wall as I would a tv, anchors and screws, everything seems fine. She calls a few weeks later, brackets became lose and not holding properly. I go back, reinstall with more substantial drywall anchors.... show more

Many years ago I created a corporation. I did it to help get business loans. Nothing at all came from it. Not even a business card. Now Indiana says I owe them for basically existing. Is that right? What am I being charged for?

Business Advice?

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Looking for business advice. I’ve been running a small business for a few years now. Nothing major just something for a little cash on the side. I am an Artist and What I do is draw & Paint pictures of homes by hand using google street view to help me. Then I give the painting/picture a basic frame and go back... show more

Am I being screwed?

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I like to think I’m working together with this company that gives me jobs to do. I charge them say 20$ for a pickup from a restaurant and they charge the company that I’ve picked up 40$ for the delivery fee plus whatever else the restaurant wanted. Am I being taken advantage of? Or is this dirty business?

So I’m 19 years old and I’m a cashier / waitress at a restaurant. I’ve been working here since I was 16 and have never had any issues with money missing. I make sure I count the change I give customers. I am not the only cashier who uses the cash register. Today when I was counting the register tonight before I was... show more

He's a licensed massage therapist and pilates instructor. A few months ago he had a brand new apartment. Painted a nice color, hardwood floors, incredibly clean and tidy. Brand new fixtures, looked like a show apartment it was so perfect looking and he was living there with his girlfriend. They had a large... show more

Best answer: i dont see why not

Best answer: Having enough customers/visitors that I could earn $1,200.00 per week.