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Best answer: I'm really tired of seeing Hollywood force their political views down my throat. They are paid billions to play dress up, so how would they know how the world works? It's funny how they always criticize Trump for his behavior and arrogance yet they act just like him. Plus they used to worship him when he... show more

Michael Jackson or Prince?

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Best answer: Recycling concepts, movies, songs, etc.. Has been done forever. It is nothing personal against Mel, just the way things go. He has done just as much behind the camera as he is in front of it. Just how things work.

Isn't Michael Jackson a white guy?

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Best answer: Nah im good Thank you

Why is Michael Jackson so loved?

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Why is Michael Jackson so popular?

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Michael Jackson: Innocent Or Guilty?

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Best answer: No. Don Johnson is a double threat. Not only is he an actor (Miami vice, the hot spot, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man) but he’s also a singer. His song heartbeat is considered one of the top 100 greatest 1 hit wonders of the 80s. What’s Dakota's claim to fame. Taking her clothes off just like her mom,... show more

Best answer: "Love Yourself".

My cousin told me that Michael Jackson wanted to change his skin color and had an operation to change his skin color,and that he was crazy becasue he did it,and he also said that that was the reason he died becasue he had alot of operations.Is it true?

Do you like Michael Jackson?

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Best answer: Most people know she was in an abusive relationship with Bobby Brown this isn't anything new Both her and Bobby failed their daughter with the drugs though. Bobbi Kristina learned what she knew from them and died the way her mother did.