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Is Ariana Grande 16 yrs old?

18 answers · 10 hours ago

Why do people like Trump?

164 answers · 5 days ago

Best answer: He's a whackjob and I love him

Do you like Jonny Depp?

6 answers · 7 hours ago

Is Iggy Azalea still famous?

11 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: Yeppp. Her rap is actually pretty good

Is Kanye West Illuminati?

10 answers · 3 days ago

Best answer: She only uses them to get what she wants from them.

Best answer: lol no

Best answer: No. Method acting was around for around 40 years before De Niro came along. And you left off Bang the Drum Slowly. And Newman and Brando both predate De Niro.

Best answer: I like her better as a brunette

Do you like Taylor Swift? I do.?

13 answers · 5 days ago