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Best answer: The Greatest Showman, just because it's the newest and I hadn't enjoyed a musical that much in a long time, but I also love The Phantom of the Opera, Mamma Mia (1st movie, second was awful), Hairspray and Grease.

Best answer: I suppose " A Few Good Men" if I was forced at gun point to pick one. I suppose Rain Man wasn't bad either.

Best answer: Dirty Harry (1971) Heartbreak Ridge (1986) The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966) Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) Unforgiven (1992) From Clint, his best cop movie, best military movie and his best westerns.

Best answer: 1. Lawrence of Arabia 2. The Birds. 3. The Fox

Mine is the Blair Witch Project.

Do you like Charlize Theron?

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And what movies have you seen her in?

Best answer: The Oscars are the Hollywood elite celebrating the Hollywood elite. I have no interest.

Is Planet Of The Apes a good movie?

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Best answer: Mine are A Christmas Story, Elf and Fantasia, I watched Fantasia for the first time ever that i could recall and found the movie boring, the only best part was the Mickey Mouse short and that for sure is over by the first hour. And never cared for a Christmas Story, or even Elf .

For me it has to be The Rock because it has amazing action plus you get to see what James Bond would be like if he was an old man who had served time

One only, not a list. The one movie you liked the most.

Best answer: some Marvel movies could be real story, but mostly all the marvel hero's in the marvel films are not and their power like spider man shooting web out his hands. Do see anyone shooting web out their hand and same as a deadly spider bitten someone with disease from a science lab and the person will probably need... show more

Best answer: The Scorpion King

Best answer: The 5 People You Meet in Heaven. I enjoyed it, (sad as it was) ...........and it really makes you think who YOUR 5 people might be and WHY- (In the movie, it wasn't who he thought) It's 5 people........who either changed your life, or you changed theirs. ....perhaps even inadvertently.