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Why is my mom mad about me doing my taxes?

19 answers · United States · 3 days ago
My mom wants my tax and since I have a 1 year old son she wants everything done together under here I am thinking she's trying to do...I told her I already filed mine and she complained why I told her I know how to do it and done it free and she says I'm not suppose to do my own tax?? Is she trying to get... show more

How much does someone have to make to owe taxes? Someone told me if a individual makes less than 100k a year they wouldn’t end up oweing. Also how much money can someone get back on their tax refund? Is it possible for someone to get $40k back on their tax refund.

Why is property tax legal?

9 answers · United States · 1 day ago
Best answer: Texas sucks

I work in Canada, pay Canadian taxes and only do business and shop in Canada. Should I just start ignoring the IRS? I'm beginning to think it's a scam.

Are tips delivery driver's paycheck?

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Best answer: no

Help with claiming my son on taxes?

8 answers · United States · 2 days ago
My ex and I have split physical custody between the two of us for our son. However, due to our ages at his birth, the judge granted legal custody between me, my parents, my ex, and her mom. I went to file my taxes this year and claimed him as a defendant. I spoke with my ex before hand and she confirmed this was... show more

I have been checking the irs refund update and one week ago today was the first day it showed “received” (electronically filed). Since it has been a week should the status have changed to approved or something else? Thanks

IRS Tax lien responsibility after owner s death?

6 answers · United States · 11 hours ago
Can an employee who is an accountant for a small company ,(not an owner) who does payroll and pays subcontractors, with check signing authority, be held liable for an IRS tax lien against the company after the owner s death?

My mom goes to play at this small family owned casino. Since it s tax season, they sent her a 1099-M for her gambling winnings. Isn t that the wrong forum to send my mom? How can she deduct these winnings since she did spend a lot more than what she earned .

How do I do taxes if the place I was employed at shut down?

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I worked at a factory from January to April until they just shut down. They didn t let everyone go properly and so there s no paperwork, there s no way to contact for a W2 form, there s nothing. I m filing my taxes and have no idea how to account for this. Any help?

My car (a 1993 Ford Taurus station wagon) was declared as junk late last year after its front cross-member frame rotted away and that part cannot be replaced. Because of that, the car is hopeless and cannot be driven. I checked Kelly Blue Book s website and it stated there s no value in that car in poor... show more

Why is my tax refund low this year ?

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How much will I get paid after taxes?

7 answers · United States · 2 days ago
I am 16 years old and about to get a job making $20 an hour (before taxes) by recovering refrigerant for the town of Brookhaven on Long Island, New York. How much do you think I will get paid after taxes an hour?

Can I claim any mileage reimbursement on my taxes?

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