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Why am I being undercharged on my federal income taxes?

13 answers · United States · 3 days ago
So far on the year I’ve made $58,000 gross, and I do have some tax allowances but still I have $56,000 taxable income. My concern is that at $38,000 I should have entered the 22 percent bracket, but I’m still being charged 12 percent. I like paying less taxes, but the issue is I’ll probably unexpectedly owe... show more

Single mother of 3 with a tax issue.?

10 answers · United States · 2 days ago
I received a court settlement in 2016 for $66k of which 24k went to attorneys at settlement and 19k went to medical bills. I just received a tax bill for 17k from the IRS and I have 30 days to respond. Any advice on what to do? Do I refile for that tax year? it looks like i m being taxed for the entire amount of... show more

I will have lived with my parents for the whole year.

Best answer: Definitely. If you did have insurance, you'd get a written confirmation every year. The IRS gets a copy so they can tell you're lying. It takes quite awhile before they match everything up.

My boyfriend procrastinated dong his taxes. He kept saying he'd do them so much (on his own), over and over, that I didn't ask him anymore. Well, I saw on public records that he has a state tax lien, well, three separate cases, the most recent judgment a few days ago (around $4000 for that one, but close to... show more

I work full time and she doesn t work but receives child support. When it takes time we will file separately, I believe if she claims her children, then I can t claim neither of them, nor even her. If this is the case then I believe my exemptions should only be 1 for myself, not even 2 for married because... show more

Best answer: Because the Dakotas and Montana are 95%+ Caucasian, whereas Florida has black and brown people, and the American system is designed to make minorities pay and suffer, much more than Caucasians..

Should under the table nanny get fully paid vacations?

15 answers · United States · 6 days ago
Best answer: You are both breaking the law. You are supposed to withholding Social Security and Medicare taxes for her and matching it, and sending that in, and make her submit a W-4 and withhold federal and state income tax, send that in, and give her a W-2 next year. Beyond that, you don't have to giver her paid... show more

I have been unemployed for two years. Two years ago, I began gold panning, metal detecting and gold recycling (electronics) However, the gold nuggets which I'm able to acquire from doing all of these is very little and it is very time consuming. The "income" which I earn from doing these is about... show more

W2 questions?

8 answers · United States · 4 days ago
If I receive my last paycheck (pd every 2 weeks) on dec 20th 2018 but time goes in again on dec 26th (check not received till 2019). what will be on the 2018 W2? The amount on the last check or the week after when the pay period ends even though will not receive it until 2019?

Home improvement?

10 answers · United States · 5 days ago
Do you have to take out a loan to do a home improvement to get a tax benefit? Or is it ok to pay the contractor in cash right from your savings?

It says on my first paycheck that I have 0$ in withholding which now I realize means that on that paycheck(besides social security and Medicare tax), I didn’t get any other taxes taken out. I’m a 17 year old student who is working their first job. Is it bad to claim except and should I change this immediately. I... show more

How is my employer scamming the IRS? Or is she?

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Best answer: It's all shown on the LLC's return. Each paartner gets a K-1 showing their share for the months they owned it, arrived at by agreement

Lets say i just bought a house in full and paid everything up front And dont want any utilities or anything Do i have to pay any taxes on it like at tax season every year? Are there any other fees after that?