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True/false: almost nothing is easy?

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How many anime movies do you own?

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Best answer: About 35

Who is the best Batman so far?

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I just want some opinions.

Marvel vs DC who’s better?

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Why is DC better than Marvel?

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Best answer: Iron Man. Iron Man is equipped with military ordinance. Batman is equipped to capture bad guys. Not like Batman isn't capable. But Iron Man has more experience and better preparations and equipment to be able to deal with people like Batman. Batman specialises in local criminals rather than high-tech aliens... show more

IMO: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1990)

sooo my boyfriend LOVES anime and summoning demons. So for his birthday I am gonna combine both. I bought the stuff to summon satan but I have no knowledge of animes whatsoever. Please anything will help. I don't want it to be a lame party. Thanks!

Best answer: Depends on who has "home field advantage". In Spongebob's territory, Mickey drowns more or less instantly. In Mickey's territory, Spongebob dries out, and becomes brittle and vulnerable.

Best answer: At the time of the snap in the comics, he wouldn't have had any special protection from it. If Thanos were to re-do the snap again today, Deadpool wouldn't directly have any protection, but he would almost definitely survive. You see, Lady Death (whom Thanos is cstantly trying to impress in order to get... show more

Best answer: I think I say this a lot regarding Frank, but I feel like his brutality gives him the win. I'd argue that once Dick increases his skill and becomes Nightwing, he'd win, but as Robin, all he really has going for him are his acrobatics. And Frank has a higher pain tolerance level too.

What is the best TV service?

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Best answer: You can get all that with Direct TV. the toons are on Boomerang and Nickelodeon. They have all the Simpsons on FXX. And you can add HBO and Showtime for extra $. They don't have Netflix tv shows of course.

Best answer: Yes. I like both of those. Great combo.

Batman or Superman?

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