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I haven't seen one episode.

Do you watch Everybody Loves Raymond on TV Land?

11 answers · Other - Television · 19 hours ago

Who do you trust more, Bill Maher or Bill Barr?

8 answers · Comedy · 2 days ago
Best answer: Maher. Barr has a history of hiding facts.

What are the Dirty Secrets Of Bollywood?

5 answers · Comedy · 1 day ago

Best answer: No I don't it isn't worth the premium price

What year did gunsmoke appear on tv?

5 answers · Drama · 24 hours ago

Best answer: I'd have to bet on Jon, even against a two-handed Jamie. Just look at how effective a fighter Jon was against multiple opponents, in several battles. We haven't seen Jamie fight often, but he never faced the kind of odds that Jon has survived.

Remember that show Life After People?

6 answers · Other - Television · 3 days ago
Best answer: I sure do. It was intriguing

Conservatives, how did Saturday Night Live trigger you this week?

8 answers · Other - Television · 5 days ago
Best answer: I don't watch any television and can't understand how anybody can possibly care what Saturday night live does.

Best answer: HBO is a TV channel depends on ratings as well as subscriptions to make money.

Game of Thrones seems good, but I don’t like violence and gore?

5 answers · Other - Television · 4 days ago
Best answer: Then you should watch a different show. The game of thrones is about world war.

Why woul they carry chains with them anyway.

Best answer: All news shows have commentators now, and they’re often biased. They’re not journalists who state a headline using facts. It’s just an opinion, not “fake”, true, or false. Now a debate may be more appropriate, because as far as this subject goes, I’ve seen both types of people reacting to alcohol as Fox states.

Did you ever want to create your own tv talk show?

9 answers · Talk Shows · 7 days ago

Best answer: They're listening and, thinking.

a) yes b) no

Why do people go on the Bachelor?

7 answers · Reality Television · 6 days ago
Best answer: their 15 mins of fame, to become the next Bachelor/Bachelorette, to go on Bachelor on Paradise, For social media followers, to help their business, for the free vacation etc Love is not the the reason people go on this show. It's just a bonus if it happens.Most these couples don't even last because it's... show more

Best answer: Unlikely HBO guards the season well not single episode will get leaked.