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Did hitler really kill himself?

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Where were you all back in 1972?

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How many ordinary citizens on the street in 1888 London would have known how to viciously (but almost perfectly) carve human organs out of corpses so quickly without being seen?

What they don't say is that the British RAF pilots had dropped leaflets in the days prior warning the civilian population of what was to come and thus giving them an opportunity to act accordingly. Dresden was a strategic target because many German Nazis were stationed there and many important war materials... show more

Didn't they think nearby ships warned them for a reason? was it arrogance - the Titanic was built with the best technology at the time and therefore it would be difficult to breach the ship to cause any chaos? Shouldn't the crew and captain have thought about the environment the ship was in the night it... show more

Best answer: There is a point where the perp is on the ground, and 6 officers standing around, should have either been able to taze him , or cuff him. Beating the snot out of him for 15 straight minutes, when he was already on the ground and clearly just trying to protect himself from further kicks and blows.........is NOT... show more

Best answer: No war on drugs, that's for sure, which caused a huge black market for drugs, allowing drug smugglers to make a profit illegally in the U.S. and across bordering nations. This in turn caused police departments to target poor neighborhoods and help increased the crime rate in most major cities in America. Plus,... show more

None of the top Nazis ever payed for their crimes, Hitler committed suicide in the Bunker, Joseph Goebbels and his family killed themselves in the bunker, Henrich Himmiler was arrested but committed suicide before he could face trial, Herman Goering also was arrested but committed suicide before he could face... show more

Best answer: Basic 2 second google search, if you weren't so lazy you'd know.

If anything, shouldn't the Russians be considered the master race?

Best answer: Strategic bombing, genocidal campaign on people based on who they were, the Holocaust, intentionally targeting, mobile tanks, advanced infantry, destroying cities in the battlefield on a large scale, total war, mobilization of populations for the war effort, etc.

Someone asked what I thought about trump, and I said I dont really know, as I dont follow politics at all. They were like you really need to pay attention to what's going on around the world. First of all, I'm not obligated to pay attention to politics. All I'm focused on is making a living, and and... show more

In April 1941 Germany attacked Greece to help its ally Italy. Britain was supporting the Greeks.. however the British intelligence were fully aware that Hitler intended to launch a massive attack on Russia in June 1941 this would have meant that a long bloody war would take place between Germany and Soviet Russia... show more