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Was Barack Obama a Black Panther?

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Best answer: I just called him and asked him. He says he wasn't.

I've noticed a recurring theme of the "prophets" aka political intellectuals in middle east under the oppression of the roman empire dictating and mixing their personal grievances/politics into religion to try to spread their ideas throughout roman empire and execute some kind of social change to... show more

How did slaves light their room?

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Was he in London? Or outside London?

Best answer: Not really significant ones. To be honest, his later career tended to overshadow his artistic side.

Best answer: Well, in effect, the answer is Hitler. He had the most power and ultimately bears the most responsibility. It terms of who was the worst in terms of pure evil, people who knew both men personally would be more likely to say Dr. Goebbels, the mastermind of Nazi propaganda. Strasser referred to the good doctor as... show more

Best answer: There have been so many versions of what happened that no one understands anything. They have all been led to believe the one single theme - the Holocaust happened and that there were gas chambers. What they can't seem to do is get the number of victims right - no one is on the same page. Armouror states that... show more

Dud Puritans ban Halloween?

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Best answer: America was a small, poor, barely unified agricultural country and the Britain was a wealthy imperial giant. The US wouldn't have stood a chance. It would be like if Puerto Rico split off from the US and then tried to take it over. Maybe it would be able to get independence, but it would have to be totally... show more

Who was Martin Luther?

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Were they subjected to the amount of horrific things jews in countries like austria, poland, and germany were? In terms of slave labor and concentration camps and things like that.

Please explain your answer of why or why not?

They get taught in liberal universities that he was a hero. What kind of "hero" murders gays and artists? What is wrong with people nowadays?

They were finally free from communism and should have flourished, so why didn't they?