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A lot of books are ghost-written and I wonder if that is the case here. I've seen that woman in interviews and she strikes me as being too stupid to write a check, much less a book.

Your country is in crisis and war. There are bombings and shooting. People are fighting for food. You have a crush on a guy. He likes you too but mistreats you a bit (he regrets it later) in order to keep you away from him and his past. You find yourself in a shooting. You faint. When you wake up, you find yourself... show more

Best answer: The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Brilliantly researched (at no small risk), well-written, and a cautionary tale (that we've apparently forgotten). It's to my mind the most important book of the 20th century.

Can someone read my story?

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Best answer: It's typical for a first story. Someone waking up is a terrible way to start and amateurs do it a lot. But professionals all started as amateurs, writing horrible stuff, so all you can do is keep writing. My suggestion is not about content but about behavior. Your writing is likely to be pretty awful for at... show more

I'm 31.

Long story short the main character who is a girl is injured and resting against a tree when she is found by a guy she knows, who is very sarcastic (like her) all he says is "what the hell happened to you?" I want her to say something snarky like I thought I looked pretty good today or something like... show more

Hi, I need help naming Frankenstein’s monster. From the book, it seems like the monster is a emotional and sensible monster. Could you give me a name suggestion with meaning for the monster?

I’ve heard from some authors that setting your book at a low price without making it clear that it is a sales/giveaway price tends to devalue your work and makes people assume that it is of low quality. Is that actually true? I used to assume that most people had enough common sense to know (or guess) that many... show more

Best answer: Paperbacks have the merit of being cheaper and therefore more available to more people.Having a wider distribution encourages more interest in reading and thinking among the wider public. Students in particular would benefit by the cheaper textbooks. On the other hand, hardbacks are recommended for people who value... show more

Hi I’m writing a 10 episode comic book series and before I start the script I was wondering if I should outline or write out the summary and every major plot detail in that episode before I write the script for episode 1? Thanks!

How do I stop making things?

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Best answer: The best idea I can come up with is for you to publish the whole lot on Wattpad, or some other platform. The howls of derision from the dozen or so readers you'd probably attract would no doubt be instrumental in you quitting this "writing" thing. And thanks for trying to stop. If only 90% of the... show more

Is 30 too old to write a book?

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Scariest book you've ever read???

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