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What is your favorite book series?

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I really want to read non fiction books to increase my knowledge, especially those dummies books for a layman like me. But I just don't have the patience to read 3-5 hundred pages. Are there any tips for me?

Best answer: Absolutely not, unless it's required for some purpose like school or employment. I have the 50-page rule. If a book cannot trap and hold my attention in 50 pages, I can quit it if I choose to. For gigantic books over 750 pages, I make it my75-page rule. And I've quit a lot of books, since it gives me way... show more

I’ve never been a huge fan of fantasy but I try to explore different genres just to break up the monotony or at the very least, I try to read what’s popular just to keep up with movies and whatnot. As a child, I begrudgingly made my way through the Chronicles of Narnia, grinded out The Hobbit amongst other Tolkien... show more

What books have you read?

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What books do you recommend?

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He smokes crack doesn't mow his lawn. His dog barks all night because he won't let him inside. What is wrong with people?

Best answer: I agree with David and Speed. You don't need to worry about length when you're just getting all your thoughts down. It's a draft. After you distance yourself from your work, it'll be a lot easier to see where you should trim stuff down. You're not as attached to all the feelings and ideas you... show more

I’ve not read any of the Harry Potter books before (but have seen all the movies) and I’ve just bought Harry Potter and the deathly hallows and Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix. Which one should I read first? Obviously logically it should be order of the Phoenix but I kind of want to skip to the finale... show more

Best answer: "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult will always be my favorite book. It's so powerful. Another good choice is "The Silent Sister" by Diane Chamberlain.

I've lost all faith in love so lmk of any happy and true love stories you know of to restore my faith

Which name is the prettiest one?

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Best answer: I prefer Sarah to Sara and would not use Sara-Jane. Scarlett O'Hara in "Gone With the Wind" was a pale-skinned brunette. That does not mean that your character can't be named Scarlett, but it invites comparison with the famous Miss O'Hara. They are equally lovely. I closed my eye and my... show more

Best answer: Read some good fiction with characters you admire and note exactly how good they are at their particular abilities. Are they always pulling rabbits out of hats? Look up "Deus ex machina" if you don't already know that ancient term. Do research on the specifics of any attributes you give your OCs.... show more

Can Novels Have Similar Titles?

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Best answer: There's a Poirot story called "The Big Four", which was adapted for TV recently with David Suchet as Poirot. The quiz show audience might've got The Sign of Four mixed up with that. (The Sign of Four has been adapted many times for film and TV, but not as recently as The Big Four.) Generally... show more

I'm writing a story with vampires and in it one of the main protagonists seals away the head vampire in a book with an incantation at the climax of the battle between him, a friend of his, and the head vampire. Should the protagonist and his friend use blood to seal away the vampire and his evil presence, or... show more

Best answer: 2 second google search. Why didn't you try that first? ---------------------- Dorrance Publishing - One big con, a scam to catch anyone they can ... I worked at Dorrance Publishing as a contractor (More than a year). Pros. I didn't find... show more

Like what are some key factors that makes them a good villain?