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The bar needs money to go up, but if you don’t have any money, then what? You have traffic still driving behind you, how do you get out, either forward or backward?

I see this everyday on the road. Someone will have their turn signal on but people will intentionally drive past or speed up to not let them switch lanes. When merging onto the freeway, I have seen people speed up to prevent the person merging from getting in front of them. What exactly is the point of stopping... show more

Did the camera catch me?

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Is the commute too much or not really?

Best answer: cause theyre probably trying not to get into an accident

I often see cars making a left turn in this situation heck I've done it myself but wondering if I'd get a ticket or not. So I'm heading north when I need to turn left in to this strip mall. There's 2 double yellow lines but space between them like an island for a car to fit (similar to photo).... show more

Hi. I just got my learner permit in NYC which I paid for. When I take my road test and get my drivers license, do I have to pay again? Or did the learner permit payment cover that? Thank you!

I have no metro bus fare?

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Best answer: You could always board the bus and hope the bus driver will let you ride for free. You would have to be careful though because these days bus companies have undercover inspectors or uncover cops riding and you could get a ticket (or even arrested) for fare evasion. Fines can be expensive ($100+).

Best answer: Contact an attorney and see what they say. You can also post your question on the Web site AVVO. This is a situation that cannot be ignored and needs to be immediately addressed with the school and the owner of the bus company.

I want to go to the Chicago auto show tomorrow how can i order an uber? its about 15 miles away from me.

My friend and I were in the car (makes two people). And I’m wondering if you need 2 people or more than 2 people to go in the hov lane.

Best answer: $5.00 give 2 gallons of gas- and in a large enough truck to haul bike and packages that means maybe 10 miles to the gallon city- what was base estimate for deliveries around town. 10 miles out of way and back- you covered gasoline money and maybe cheap cup of coffee, at least minimum for charity help. $10.00 offer... show more


I drive almost 100 miles every day on the highway. I've noticed that many people ignore "Yield" and "Merge"

Can you make a uturn here?

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say if was coming towards the camera and i want to turn into the nail shop on the right.