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Best answer: You likely will need to pay extra for a bonded title ( search title bonds near you). If no one contests the title, it reverts to regular in 3 ? Years. Lesson here is never buy a car not titled in the sellers name.

Best answer: Demand to get your own estimate of their damage and negotiate based on that. You might find out that $6500 is reasonable.

Moving to another state in a few months and was wondering if you need another ID for that state? And if you have a permit from the current state you live, and you move would you need to get another drivers permit for that state in order to get license? Or can I use my current permit to take a driving test in the... show more

This person, let’s say his name is Paul, backed up into me at the parking lot while he was pulling out of his spot. I filed a claim through his insurance and I’m being taken care of by them. But can I also use my claim with my own insurance and receive compensation from them (State Farm) without raising my premium?

i am from Sacramento, CA I was just involved in a hit and run tonight. I gave chase after the person who hit my vehicle only to get there license plate # i called the police while i was giving chase to give them the details and info of what just happened and the vehicle. i already file a police report online. i... show more

I am a new driver at the age of 24. I have a permit and I have hardly anyone to help me practice. If I choose to go to a driving school, does the instructor say...determine whether I have passed a road exam or is that just the DMV you have to do it at? Also, do I drive myself to the school?

Hi, I was wondering if someone could just explain what I should do from here. I was hit by a deiver that doesn’t have insurance or a license, and I had a friend in the passenger seat. I have USAA and I do have the uninsured motorist policy. What do I do from here? Could the person in my car file a claim against me?... show more

I have a 1965 beetle that I want to start driving around but I can't find any insurance companies besides hagerty that insure that old of a car. But hagerty is expensive and puts mileage limits on your car. Does anyone know any cheap insurance companies that provide insurance for such an old car and wont put... show more

This Tuesday, my car s wheel were stolen. i had it parked in front of my house and i woke up to my car on cinder blocks. My insurance said it will take 3-4 weeks to have my wheels installed. i need my car now to get to work. My deductible is 1K Should i cancel the claim i made under my insurance and just buy used... show more

Best answer: Do you have rental coverage on your policy? If so, then get a rental and look for another car ASAP. But, if you don't have rental coverage and need a rental car, then (you) will have to pay for it yourself. Now (if) this claim was with an (other) at fault driver, then the at fault (3rd party) would have... show more

Best answer: Before you drive it, pick up the phone and call your agent to get your insurance in place and proof of insurance, then you can do the rest because only then can you drive it to get it fixed, do the inspection, etc. Bit late for that now since you are now without plates.

Colorado License?

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If I’m 16 and 6 months old is there any possible way for me to drive by myself even if I’ve only held my permit for like 8months?

Insurance policy?

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My daughter had been making a car payment since she was around 17. She talked her grandparents into putting the car in their name (since she could not have a loan at 17) and she paid them the monthly payments until the car was paid off. The car is now paid off and they’re wanting to sign the car over to her. She is... show more

Best answer: You only contact your GAP insurance provider after your primary insurance pays your lender for your totaled car. If that amount is insufficient to cover the total amount of your remaining loan balance, then you contact your GAP provider for the remaining amount.

Best answer: No, the black box can't know if you have a restricted licence. But the insurance company can, because you gave them permission to look up your driving record. Remember one thing, and never forget it: Insurance companies don't ask questions they can't get the real answers to. Ever. They might not... show more