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What is the name of my car?

12 answers · 15 hours ago

Whats wrong with this car?

13 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: Hi there, I had a similar issue where I could feell the brakes grabbing while driving and they began to get hot and smoke as well. I took it to the shop and they told me there wasn t anything wrong, which clearly they were wrong. I drove it like that for a month or so until I took it back to them again and demanded... show more

I left my lights on last night and now my battery is dead. However when hooked up to jumper cables it has no signs of life. I’ve never had this happen. Any thoughts?

Tried to get battery looked at at Autozone, the guy said it's only showing about 10.47 volts. I asked if he could check the alternator, but his computer said no because the battery wasn't 12V. The guy said only way to check alternator with low battery is to take alternator out of car. Can't do that. So... show more

I accidently cleared my cars codes with my obdII scanner. I found problem codes that are now gone. Will my mechanic know what to fix on my car still?

I forgot to turn off the headlight, and then the car battery drained off. My car battery voltage is 2V. The portable car battery voltage is 12V. I want to jump start my car, but it didn't work. I can hear the starter motor turn the engine, but it is too slow to start the engine. So can I just connect the... show more

Recently i bought a new car(corolla), normally you're suppose to break in and avoid flooring, until it reaches 1000km (the manual also says 1000km). There was this one time i floored it at around 800km.(from 0 to 70ish on the speedometer) I also drove up to 100+ on the speedometer from time to time, before the... show more

1979 300d mercdes?

10 answers · 2 days ago
Bought a car for 1000 decent shape problem I have is when I start the car in the morning I have to press the pedal I changed all filters etc that I saw ran sea foam in it and is there a way i can make it a lil faster it's so cat can out run me please help

I bought a used 2001 Toyota Highlander (V6, 4WD if that matters) last week. I had it inspected by my mechanic before buying it and everything looked fine, but I’ve noticed that it slows down fairly quickly when I take my foot off the accelerator, which means I pretty much constantly have to be pressing down on it... show more

What are clutches in a moped?

7 answers · 19 hours ago
There is a moped for sale that says it needs two clutches. What does that even mean? Is it an expensive fix? Are clutches expensive?

Is bad to brake while in gear?

10 answers · 2 days ago
So I was driving in a manual car at 15mph not fast and some retard speeds infront of me and I brake my car stalled and idk I just wanna know is it bad for the car

Best answer: Park in one of the service bays or visitor spaces and report to the service desk. Don't use a main dealer unless your car is still in warranty.

then if i move the wire back and forth .(see pic below) the fan starts moving and compressor kicks on. can amyone tell me the problem.