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What the hell are we paying them for?

Best answer: Other than start looking for a new job, there’s really not much you can do. If you and your boss are on good terms, maybe he would be willing to write you a reference letter which could potentially be useful down the road.

Best answer: Yes, do message him, within ebay. That will give you ebay's assistance if this isn't resolved. It doesn't always help. I recently had a no-show of an ordered item. The sneaky seller, told ebay I'd be reimbursed immediately and I checked my bank account daily for it. It never arrived and when I... show more

Food, Landmarks, People, Inventions etc

The receipt says no returns, and that they only do exchanges? Do you know, does this mean you can exchange any $1 item for another $1 item, or does it have to be the exact same item you are returning?

I understand their corporation is it's own entity, but are they able to charge all business AND personal expenses all to the corporation tax free? I am self employed and understand I can write off all business expenses, but does a corporation allow me to write off all personal expenses too? Because a... show more

Best answer: If it's so small you can barely turn around in it, a shower stall. I prefer baths though, and tubs are useful for other things too, so if possible I would put in a tub.

About two days ago, I bought something off of eBay. It was a pretty big purchase, around the 50 dollar mark. But two days have passed and it still hasn t shipped. I know it s just another person on the other end who s handling this, but my question is how long should I wait before I start to get concerned.

Why does North Carolina lack certain franchises such as Meijer Safeway Baja fresh Kroger and Bahamas grill?

Should I contact eBay ?

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Best answer: Don't bother trying to ask eBay, they will not respond in a hurry, and they won't do anything unless the item does not show up by next Tuesday. The vendor is not obliged to sit there waiting for customers to message him - he probably checks once a day for messages. He might not be in the same place as... show more

Best answer: The ethical thing to do is hire the most qualified.

Best answer: They follow the pattern set by Jesus Himself. “After giving thanks, he broke [the loaf] and said: ‘This means my body which is in your behalf. Keep doing this in remembrance of me.’”—1 COR. 11:24.