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What are ways to build credit?

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I didn t give him my pin or the number on the back of the card. It was an indian guy too. He kept asking me if I had another card available. Am I in trouble?

I have 8 bills totaling $75 a piece, which I had NO IDEA was not being covered by my insurance at the time and now I’m getting a call from a debt collector. Can they garnish me for these if I don’t pay them? I figure it’s a lot of money and if they don’t garnish me then why pay 8 x 75 for these bills?

I just applied for a credit card and got it approved, my father states that I need to build my credit. I asked him why, and he said i will need to have good credit if I want to buy a house, a car, etc. I asked him, what is the point of building credit if I can just use a debit card to pay all that stuff off instead... show more

Credit card question?

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So I got a credit card with a 1500 limit and I want to use it to buy myself a gaming laptop that’s 1300, is that ok to do with the credit card? To spend my limit

Best answer: If you don't pay in full, then the FULL amount of interest for your purchase will be added to the card. (Not just interest for the balance remaining - ALL the interest that would have applied if you had not used a promo) Even though it won't leave you much in savings, it is better to pay off the card and... show more

I want to cancel my debit card to avoid paying monthly for an offer I signed up. They took my debit card details and had me sign the contract. I tried contacting them to stop the recurring payment. If I cancel my debit card, will they still be able to charge?

I've lived by a pretty simple rule since I've been old enough to work. I do not spend money I don't have unless it's an emergency. I have never had any credit card debt or a balance I couldn't pay off by the end of each month. I've had a credit card for 13 years now. Why do others feel the... show more

Won't let me have credit card?

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Best answer: First, you stop going, and you stop asking for credit cards. The first and most important step is building a history over going a year between attempts to get a credit card. After you have not tried to get any credit cards in over a year, you deposit money at a bank that offers credit cards to customers who have... show more

Some places do this after 24 hours, others have nothing in place.

About a year ago my old roommates and I moved out of an apartment complex and shorty after found out our names had been sent to collections. They tried to say we still owed them over $1,000, however we had documents signed by the apartment stating we did not owe them anything and had made payments on time. We... show more