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Depressed and suicidal over debt?

14 answers · 1 day ago
So I'm 19 and I have credit card debt. Recently, I was in an accident that caused my right ankle to break, and I dislocated my left kneecap, and fractured my left wrist. I had to quit my job because it was very physical and I had no way of completing my job. I made ends meet for 9 weeks by using money in my... show more

So I got permission to use an advice service by using my grandmother's credit card after getting her permission to do so (I pay her back in cash). But i got an email and they asked why the cardholder's name wasn't mine and I explained the situation to them but I haven't gotten a response. So just... show more

Got a Walmart credit card about a year ago as a way to build credit. I started off making my payments on time however I got kicked out my parents house shortly after. I then started to fall behind on payments and eventually the account closed. Fast forward to six months later MCM called me and we worked out a... show more

Why is credit soooo complicated?

12 answers · 4 days ago
I royally screwed up my credit when I was younger. I finally started to give a damn and I worked my butt of to fix it. I have zero delinquent accounts or payments. My score was 756. I purchased a brand new car back in March. Original financed amount was $26k and some change. My score dropped to 541 !!@$$$#@!!... show more

Please help?

6 answers · 24 hours ago
I bought an international plane ticket using my credit card on Saturday and on my bank statement it says that the transaction is pending. I received the eticket but I am worried that when I go to check in it wont be approved as it says pending on the bank statement. It is now Monday and that will be the first... show more

Is 620 a bad credit score?

5 answers · 3 hours ago
I thought 620 was considered fair. I thought it is good enough to get approved for unsecured credit cards or an FHA mortgage. I do have collections, charge offs, and about 20 inquiries on my credit, do I need to wait for these to fall off before I can get approved? If FHA is guaranteed by the government, why would... show more

They are paying 5 percent up to $1500 this quarter but I don't have a smart phone. Is there a way to trick it into thinking I do? I want to pay property taxes and a few other large bills & max out the rewards.

“The past 6months” Meaning?

3 answers · 1 day ago
Okay what does it mean when an application saids in the past 6 months , Like an option saids “in the past 6 months i had to be ....” does that mean i had to be something for 6months to qualify ?? or in the past 6 months no matter if it was a month or 2 but atleast it was in these 6 months i could qualify? its hard... show more

Say that I want to return merchandise to a store, and the store for whatever reason declines to take the items back. But I paid with a credit card and credit card companies tend to favor the customer in issues of Grey area disputes because they don't want to lose business. So what if I tell the manager:... show more

My boyfriend has no type of credit. I have two cards open. Instead of signing something in my name for him, I was going tophelp him out and put him as an authorizer user on one of my cards.