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I’m scared she’ll put me on child support I have 2 kids with her. I’m not a bad dad I’m living with them buy food pay the bills at the moment but soon will leave because she said she don’t want to be with me anymore and talks to a guy she says is a friend n want no relationship. I agreed I will pay her 400 a month... show more

Best answer: That's why you save - so you have money for emergencies.

Best answer: yessss

Best answer: Same boat I'm in. Personally I don't care about money at all, unfortunately it is needed to survive in today's world. So, do something that you like doing, make sure you're getting paid enough to survive and the occasional entertainment.

How can I make money today?

9 answers · 2 days ago
So, I need money to buy my family Christmas gifts. And to buy food. I live off Social Security Income, or SSI, and have no job as of right now, and am barely 18 and fresh graduated high school. Even if I did have a job, I would have to commune, and I have no car or drivers license. I need money today, but the... show more

When will they pay me?

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i started work on the 20th. pay day is every 10 and 25 of every month. they still haven’t paid me. i get direct deposit. all my coworkers got paid today except me. it’s been almost 3 weeks.

Best answer: Hang around banquet halls and befriend the guests at weddings etc.

I am curious but my father always wanted me to go back to school

Is one better than the other? Is it that you should mainly focus on having a 401k and that an ira is a good side investment if you have the money? Am I better off just investing in stocks and cd’s? I only started saving money this year. I have a few dollars in the stock market and a savings account. Nothing to... show more

years ago, I bought something for $20 without having sufficient funds. It stayed in the red and BoA kept adding fees that added up and I couldn't pay it (I was a teenager, no credit card, just debit), eventually my account was frozen/closed. I don't remember how much it ended in, but I want to go settle it... show more

I have about 10 thousand in savings, but i am worried if things go wrong in the economy, the inflation could kill my savings. Would it be wise if i convert at least 5K in gold just in case?

Best answer: Nothing.

For example, panama papers