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Best answer: If you can get along with your siblings at home then you should be able to get along with them in an apartment - this is far better than living with someone you just met and taking your chances - the 4th person is the only wildcard though he'll probably be fine too. Sounds like a great idea to me, best luck.

Best answer: It may. Enjoy living in your dump.

This is in indiana. We have a 1 year lease which we are only 3 months into. We've told him no, but he keeps showing the house to prospective renters. I turned him away one day and he went nuts about me not letting him show it saying I was violating the lease. Since I telecommute and am home when he shows... show more

The central air unit was stolen. I was home at the time but I didn't hear anything. I don't think it is fair to even ask me to pay for something I didn't do.

Alright, basically I m trying to kick my mother out of our apartment. I gave her way too many chances and I m done with her already. She doesn t pay bills, constantly steals from us and blames it on other people, gets high, and basically anything that can make a person go mentally insane. I ve tried getting her... show more

After being in a car accident(someone else hit me) I couldn't renew my lease, and had to move somewhere less expensive. I inquired about a basement rental, and specifically told the realtor peace quiet was important to me due to my accident. The assured me this was "absolutely quiet", and I would... show more

My father passed away a couple of months ago and I have been going back-and-forth and getting all of dad‘s stuff and bring it back to my house that my landlord was very rude and told me I’m not allowed to bring anything else in my garden and it’s not like there is a lot in the yard may be about an 8 ft by 4 ft foot... show more

My landlord has threatened to evict me, accusing me of having my boyfriend living with me. He only comes to my rental 2-3 times throughout the week and stays overnight occasionally (once every 2 weeks or so). We are very quiet and my housemates enjoy having him over as their friends with him as well, they think it... show more

My vet weighed her at 18lbs but my landlord snuck in and brought a scale that says she is 22lbs. She took a picture of it and is telling me I need to get rid of her. Her had is ON my dog in the picture and I think she either had a scale that was inaccurate or was applying pressure to push the weight up. If she... show more

The short version is that his lease says he isn't responsible for paying my expenses if the home becomes uninhabitable. The judge said that wasn't enforceable because the home was uninhabitable due to his negligence. He was ordered to pay about $2300. He has been rude and agressive since the day he... show more

Loans , need help?

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Hello, My mother in law is divorced and is still living in her marital home. She is not on the title of the home and her ex husband is requesting $75,000 for his part of the home and he will sign her over the title. At this time she cannot afford this amount of money and a loan is her only option. She has very... show more

6 years ago, our lease was up. We signed the paperwork, did a walkthrough, and I got my share of the deposit back. Apparently, after I moved out, two of the guys asked if they could stay month to month instead cancelling our termination without my consent or knowledge. Now the landlord is claiming that since... show more

Best answer: Sounds like you're proud of being such a despicable person. Enjoy.

Best answer: The same amount of time that you normally pay rent. If you rent on a monthly basis, a month. If you rent on a weekly basis, a week. Thus as long as you pay next months rent (which would cover the months notice) you can give your WRITTEN notice any time before but not later than December 1. But as a friend the... show more

I moved into a shared house. the other tenants are religious and don't want certain food products (which aren't permitted by their religion) in the house, but since I live there I want to be able to put my food in the fridge. OK, so it seems like they are totally in the wrong... but this is where it gets... show more