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Can I use a pencil box for college?

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I’m turning 21 this week, and I am behind my peers in terms of life accomplishments. I have no job, I am pursuing college online this summer, but in terms of goals they are very slim at the current moment. I have had a rough childhood, dealing with molestation and abuse, I never got to live the childhood I wanted,... show more

im at a 3.0 gpa right now, and almost all college requirement is at 4.0 or highter. I wonder if I can still get in. im at 10th grade now I don't know what can I do. I am very frustrated. I trying to get A's but its too hard for me.

Best answer: At lest 3 years for a bachelors degree . Usually 4 to 6 years. A minimum of 4 years for medical school. A minimum of 6 years for a residency. Yes you ARE licensed to practice medicine during a residency. A BARE minimum of 7 years. To become a pediatrician in the United States.

Best answer: "Most" adults? That's simply not true. Most adults do just fine in the real world. I don't actually know any 30+ adults who are still living with their parents, though I'm aware that some do. In fact, I teach college students and keep in touch with a lot of them. They're managing very... show more

Best answer: No, it is NOT too late. DO it NOW and do NOT get pregnant. It is NEVER too late to go to school OR learn new things. Your age is NOT in blazing neon across your forehead or back. LIFE is a continuing education process.

I personally graduated from college but I honestly resent the stigma of being a second class citizen for not going to college. I went to a high school that was mainly upper middle class and most the teachers and administration pushed the idea that only losers or people that were lazy don’t go to college. They acted... show more

Best answer: No just one more expensive

Best answer: That's somewhat unusual. Where I live, the ACT is completely voluntary, and given at just a few regional high schools, typically on a Saturday morning. Another way of looking at your situation is that the school is being inclusive of your daughter (and other special learners), and rather than saying that the... show more

It’s not a bad thing but I’ve always wondered why single moms gravitate towards that field, maybe because they’ve had kids they want to show their compassion and care? I don’t know but it’s some thing I’ve wondered about since a lot of friends and family members have gone down that path.

I feel like this might be a scam online with someone whom has a business card out, and is trying to help people with buying, renting or selling homes, and has on their card that they are a consultant, but this personal isn't legal, nor im sure had enough years to go to school to be one.. is it a scam?

Should community college be free?

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I live in New York, where the Excelsior Scholarship is in it's infancy; Excelsior offers free tuition to undergraduate students who meet certain criteria and income requirements. My daughter is currently attending a four year university as a freshman and is taking advantage of the Excelsior Scholarship. Being... show more

Best answer: Not successfully. However, you can start with remedial math in college and study so as to become ready.

I got a D in a level 200 history class for a general ed class and I did not take any science classes yet so I know what to expect workwise . Math is sorta hard for me but I started doing tutoring. So I’m wondering should I retake this level 200 class and could my gpa rise in the following years of college so I... show more

Is college education worth it?

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Best answer: Both. One group is not more guilty than the other. At least admissions officers weren't bribed. However, they were being given false information by coaches and false test scores. Now, they're going to have to verify the athlete status of every single applicant who claims it when they ought to be able to... show more

Best answer: Stupid people are desperate to get a piece of paper that claims they are smart. Money is no object. Some people like to wave their degree around in people's faces. Llewen does that.