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Best answer: Only 33 percent of the American public even has a bachelor's degree. Fewer still have them in STEM fields, a good school, or with good grades. There are lots of ways to set yourself apart.

I’m a second year university student and I am genuinely concerned about one of the professors I had this semester. I know it’s absolutely none of my business, but honestly, I have NEVER seen a woman so THIN before. She’s about 35 and is dangerously skinny. She doesn’t seem to have even one pound of fat on her. She... show more

Am I waisting my time in college?

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Best answer: No, not necessarily but that doesn't mean you have to continue. Step #1: Get academic support NOW for your current classes. Join study groups. Go to your teachers' office hours. Hire a tutor. You want to get through this semester and get decent grades. You never know what you may want to do a few... show more

Just for my curiosity. And best doesnt necessarily mean best payed, i understand engineering majors get you great paying jobs but i know from friends that it sucks in class. So how ever you portray the question.

Best answer: You should be mature in professional situations.. Be yourself when you are not. Never put on a false front for anyone (ACTING) You are you, and should not change for anyone. On the other hand,, a grown man/woman should not be acting like a teenager or doing childish things.. I think you should understand... show more

I’ve wrote a student paper for him but he hasn’t paid me, I know what college he goes to but not his name ? Can he get in trouble

Here's my dilemma: I am 18 years old and I am currently enrolled in a junior college. I started college when I was 15, out of state, and I did not take it seriously AT ALL. I then came back and enrolled in junior college at 16 or 17, I can't really remember and I also did not take that seriously. I received... show more

If you knew a person who was getting their Ph.D. from a school that others consider to be a diploma mill. While getting their Ph.D. at this school that others say it is not a legitimate university, they also got an internship in the neuroscience research lab at Harvard, participating on a Brain Study. Would you... show more

Best answer: In which field? What are your career goals, aims? For some things, you obviously need advanced degrees. For others, many can do very well with a good liberal arts background, talents, and diligence, thus excelling in their field.

I really do want to be accepted by an out of state college. I used to live in California but I recently moved out of the state. For college I either want to go back to my home state or somewhere else other than the state I'm in now. My only concern is if it's harder to go to a college out of state!

Best answer: Tarrant County Community college has 3 campuses in the Dallas- Fort Worth area. Their tuition is listed here: https://www.tccd.edu/services/paying-for-college/tuition-and-fees/ Their Aviation Maintenance program is described here and requires about 80 credit hours of study over two years. :... show more

So after highschool i took a year and half off of school and just worked because i didnt know what i wanted to go to school for. But now im back in school and im expected to graduate when im 24... is that bad? Will i feel like an old senior? Has anyone else graduated at an older age like 23+?