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spreading lies 24/7 just because Trump won ,It's out of control. Can the President shut them down or can the senate? American people are being hurt by the constant lies from the media.

Best answer: No difference, just different Democrats. Private and tax free 'foundation' Democrats are as bad as: gavel wielding Democrat 'law' makers. As a Re\publican, I feel sad for what the moron federal Democrats have done to FINEST system of education in history. It 'only took them 50 years for the... show more

I have two large bumps on my breast and one large bump on my right thigh and everybody I ask always tell me that it's cancer and I should see a doctor. However, I found a more efficient method. Every morning and evening, I lie in my ring of crystals and tea-lights and play meditation music in the background. Do... show more

I am very fast to collect my guns from my guns safe which combination is 13, 5, 13 but I have succesffully aborted over 16 babies and it is all the liberal fault why does my dad not believing me!!

Recently I have been frantikly trying to clean things up,put things their right place,and have been worrying about my apearance. I have also developed a habbit of constantly cleaning my ears out every hour or so,same with my nose. I also get anxity when someone leaves my room without shutting and locking the door.... show more

Best answer: Sprinkle it with Holy water.

it has been proven to be flat so why is it not illegal to believe in round earth

Best answer: They will never give up abortion.

columbine... Brazilian school massacre .

I'm 28, female. I have an appointment with my GP coming up and need advice on how to address my problems to him as he's quite arrogant. I have noticed for quite sometime that when i have even just a sip of alcohol my shoulders and chest instantly ache for this reason i only occasionaly have alcohol i... show more

Is autism retardation?

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Best answer: Cancer does not cause PSA levels to jump around. Cancer causes PSA levels to have an increasing trend. . He will need to get a few more readings to see if there is a trend. If a trend is found, the docs will have to assess the situation to determine how to proceed. You are correct about treating cancer early. ... show more

I don't understand if every autistic person is different how do we know they have autism? They all have different gratis, and I know it is a neurological thing, but what are the things they all have in common which lets us know they have autism?

Didn’t they claim to have an agenda beyond Russia Russia Russia?

Best answer: it doesnt matter anyone can be on the internet and which retard said they dont lol