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Why are Liberal men so feminine ?

18 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: Many Liberal Men aspire to be Women.

It's perfectly moral in the middle east to still murder non criminals by public stoning...

Why were we taken off the gold standard??

Why are Connie's so racist?

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I'm 24, I've had frequent tonsil infections in the past but for the last couple of years I've noticed my left one is slightly bigger, I'm genuinely devasted as there was literally no other reason on the internet for it?

Best answer: Maybe he was gay, he hung out with 12 guys all the time

... his supporters cannot read EITHER?

""""""" why to atheevetards religiously believe that everything came from nothing,and just up and decided to create itself, without god, and without itself even existing?"""""?? See, nobody besides Xians believe that things come from nothing. As... show more

Best answer: He's like their hero or something

Such as me for instead. One of my old girlfriend's said "it will make you look old"... can Natives get cancer from Smocking or drinking Guinness or Brandy or even Bud light. Will my skin winker? Or get Cancer... an my Mom and Father got me braces when I was young, so is wrong on me to wash their money... show more

I'm really frustrated. I'm a high school special ed student and the math class is way too hard. I'm not learning anything and am not gonna pass.Even though the class is technically special ed the standards are still the same as regular math. It's still algebra but at a slower pace.It's not... show more

Best answer: The Muslim says Rosewater The Jew says the wine of galilee and the Christian says...I just own the place so charge 'em double.