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Where did the English come from?

12 answers · 15 hours ago
Best answer: Africa like everyone else, and their religion comes from the Middle East, they are the result of many years of race mixing and debauchery.

Best answer: Most have crooked teeth, even Prince Charles has terribly crooked teeth. Orthodontia is not covered by the UK socialized health system, so if someone wants straight teeth, they will have to pay for it themselves. Most can't afford orthodontia work.

I've tried counseling, punishment, reasoning, and even bribery; nothing works. The next step is medicine but does that even help autistic brains?

'I used to worry so much about you'

Disruptive and has been mainstreamed all along? He is in 7th grade now. Why not try letting the parents pay for tutoring or accommodations like extra time first?

Knee insecurity? Giant lump?

4 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: See a doctor. If he wants to x-ray say, I do not think it would be safe!

Do autistic people have friends?

8 answers · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: i think they do but nnaybe not as nnany as other people, it probably depends on the person since everyone is different

Best answer: Because the doctors do what they are trained to do, that is treat the patients with chemical drugs, lab reports, scanning, hospitalization etc., by that huge bills for the patients and thus generate lot of profits to the hospitals, pharma companies, good salary to the lab technicians, doctors other staff. your... show more

Best answer: Yes, illegal aliens need to leave.

Best answer: As others have said, what your parents understand or do not understand does not matter. You are an adult. Do you have ADHD? Nobody here knows. It is an over diagnosed condition. But one thing is certain, it continues to exist in the gene pool because it is beneficial in some occupations. For example, most... show more