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Do I look fat or chubby?

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When I look at my body in the mirror, I see myself as chubby. I have been skipping meals, eating smaller meals and sometimes only have one meal a day. I’m constantly weighing myself and always looking at myself in the mirror and all I see are flaws. I feel very self conscious when I’m around my friends or others... show more

So I dance, mostly pointe and ballet. I really want to work on my pointe, but I can’t at home because it ruins the floors and there isn’t enough space. There is a dance room that’s big and has a floor made for dancing at my school. It’s usually used for their dance team, but the season is over and my friend and I... show more

I’m not sure if I want to dance or be a bar girl. Either way, I know they have to deal with stalkers and wired people. I have a bus that I can take, but I’m worried about being followed. I would take uber, but I don’t have the money right now.

So my sister and me can dance hip hop really well. we have danced it since we were practically babies, but that is the only dancing genre that we know. we don’t know how to dance ballet nor jazz. Are they any disney auditions were they only require you to do hip hop? i tried to look it up but they all said that you... show more

There is this girl who goes to the same dance class as me. I find her to always point out mistakes in my dancing and humiliated me in front of the entire group. The other day she asked me what size dress I had ordered for a show and I told her small and then she told me she was ordering extra small. On another... show more

Why is Yahoo so left wing???

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I've been contemplating buying a pole for over two years now, and a couple days ago I just impulsively ordered one. I used my own money. The problem is, I'm 17 and I live with my parents at home. They're not that strict but I have a feeling that I'm going to be in very very big trouble when they... show more

Best answer: You need to consult a physical therapist who works with dancers or at least sports. It is important to get the muscles and tendons moving again without reinjuring them. You don’t want them to shorten as they heal. Get your doctor to give you a script to work with a PT once the boot comes off. Ask your ballet... show more

Best answer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Lx6J5828Zw

Best answer: Ballet, is wonderful, and it’s really pretty, but capoeira is more useful because its also a fighting style. So definitely copoeira

I am 16yrs old. I want to learn how to dance, I'm scared about taking dance classes. I feel like I'm going to end up in a class with lots of younger kids. Since I have no dance experience. I don't want to be judged by little kids and also not beable to make friends. I only want to make friends because I... show more

Best answer: Obviously ice skates as that is ice skating not dancing. It is actually pretty easy to dance in high heels. Easier than dancing in pointe shoes. People dance all the time in heels. Btw, Are you the one who always asks about doing things in high heels and always picks the answer that says it’s so hard even when... show more

What is this girls problem with me?

18 answers · 1 month ago
I am a girl and I am a ballerina. There is this other girl who goes to my classes. She has stated to humiliate me in class in front of everyone and it’s started off affect my confidence about my ability. So we first started off chatting and got on pretty well. Since she has become more familiar with me, she feels... show more

Hi all, I’m a dancer and I would like some tips relating to my dancing! I’ve been dancing for 3 1/2 years since I was 12, I’m in high school now and I’m totally in love with dance!!! But it doesn’t seem to show in my dancing unfortunately. My favorite styles are jazz and hip hop, but I just can’t seem to have... show more

Basically i’ve wanted to start dance forever, and i know this sounds like a pity party, but i’m having a regret induced breakdown at 3 am. I never played sports growing up because i never feel like they fit and i struggled with a lot of anxiety, but I remember being naturally kinda good at dance. I would ask my mom... show more

Best answer: It's difficult to tell whether a person hates you from one situation. My guess, though, would be no. She probably did not mean to hurt your feelings with the cane-umbrella joke. She was just using the joke to acknowledge the fact that she was glad you were back. If you two have really known each other for ten... show more

Dance studio owners, HELP!!!!!?

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So, I want to go to other studios in my area and teach a “master class” but 1. I do not consider my self a “master” & 2. I have no idea on how to reach out and basically say “Hey let me teach a lyrical and contemporary piece to your kids.” And sound professional. What do you say when they have no idea who you... show more