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Are these jeans too long?

14 answers · 6 hours ago
Best answer: No, they're not. That's called a "full break." When the hem of the pant leg just reaches the shoe without any crumple, that's no break. That has at times been a style, but it's generally considered too short, what people call "high water." When the hem of the pant leg is... show more

Are you considered tall or short?

79 answers · 4 days ago
I'm 5'5"... are you taller than me?

Best answer: It's no more difficult to pull on nice pants, a nice shirt, and nice shoes than it is to pull on raggedy pants, a beer logo shirt, and shabby sneakers. If you're a grown up doing grown up stuff, then don't dress like a high school kid. And pull your pants up. You look like you have some kind of... show more

Why do bald men wear hats?

9 answers · 5 hours ago

Is it strange to wear all green?

10 answers · 16 hours ago
today i brought a green suit, it's a hoodie and leggings and its a dark green colour and i feel like im getting strange looks?

Best answer: Because it's a place where it's considered "acceptable." Those thots would be wearing thongs to the grocery store if they could. It's really trashy. No one needs to see your butt.

Clinique or Maybelline for makeup?

16 answers · 4 days ago

Good online shops for clothes?

5 answers · 4 hours ago