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Do u find kanye west good looking?

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Which is important for marriage, Race or Height?

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So my boyfriend has to have my social media passwords or else he gets mad and threatens to break up with me. He says it’s not about control, it’s about transparency. I have absolutely nothing to hide, he can look through whenever he wants, but he says that he HAS to have my passwords and if I don’t give it to him... show more

My friend molested me, were both guys?

36 answers · Friends · 2 days ago
Yesterday night Me and a couple friends when to the bar I got pretty buzzed and my friend lives not too far from the bar so we all crashed at his place. He had marijuana so we smoked some of that too. As it was getting later in the night I was dozing off on the couch when my friend who’s house were staying came up... show more

Is $150,000 a good wedding budget?

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Why do almost all women like getting choked? and dominated?

49 answers · Singles & Dating · 3 days ago
Best answer: Women like this because In our daily lives we have to try about 10x harder to get the same rewards as men- we have to be constantly in control of our own lives. When the time comes to have fun in the bedroom we don't want to have to control that too. We'd rather let someone else take control of our... show more

Is a girl stupid for saving herself till marriage?

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How can I get out of debt if my wife keeps over spending.?

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So My wife and I have some credit card debt. To get rid of it I have been listening to Dave Ramsy and he has great advise. the only issue is there is no way my wife will go along with it. Any suggestions???? His plan requires you to pretty much live like a poverty stricken person until the debt is gone.

To sum up the situation: I am 19 and I plan to move in with my boyfriend to Texas due to my abusive household and I told my mother in advance so I wouldn't leave her in the dark. She then tried to tell my siblings that I was leaving because I didn't care about them. She has always been very manipulative and... show more

What can a woman do to become more attractive?

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Obviously I'm less important to her then I thought. I don't want to feel like a loose tool. I thought we had a bond. Clearly I was wrong. I don't even feel like speaking to her. I'm that hurt

So I got a job a couple months back, and my unemployed friend keeps asking me to refer her, talk to my boss for her, etc. I just don’t want to have her working with me. It’s not that I don’t like her, it’s just that I’ve made friends at work, and people know me for me. I don’t want to have my friend take that. What... show more

What are some pros & con's for waiting to have sex until marriage?

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Paying for the wedding?

20 answers · Weddings · 2 days ago
I have been told, in a first marriage for both, that the tradition for the bride's parents to pay for the wedding no longer exists when the bride reaches a certain age, and then the couple bear the responsibility for it instead. Is this true, and if so what age is the cut off? I know the couple have the... show more

I'm 44, and my parents treat me lika a baby?

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im a 44 y.o. female, and my parents are in their 70s, and they still treat me like a baby, and force me to live with them. i have to go to bed at 6pm, and i cant wake up until 8 am. my parents give me a pill so i pee and poop without knowing, and they make me wear diapers and pacifier. they make me sleep in a crib,... show more