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Ladies , are you okay with male body stubble?

36 answers · Polls & Surveys · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: I don't like a hairy body, but compared to stubble which can hurt your skin rubbing against it, its probably best to not shave.

Husband being too bossy?

58 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 2 weeks ago
I've noticed a change in recent days from my gentle spirited husband. In the past he always thanked me for working hard at keeping the house in order and taking care of our pets. He is covering for his boss who is on vacation. He is in upper management and I think the added stress is getting to him. I... show more

Best answer: If you really want to give her pleasure, you should think more about foreplay than sexual positions. Penetrative sex is not the most pleasurable experience for women and only a small minority can achieve an orgasm by this method. It's great for blokes but women need more attention in the right way in the right... show more

What do u think of a 53 yr old man dating a 69 yr old woman?

122 answers · Singles & Dating · 2 weeks ago

Want to ask girlfriend to move in together. Too soon?

18 answers · Singles & Dating · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Move out on your own or with a guy friend and date her for a year while you figure out how to live your own life. She needs to move out too but not with you. Freedom to grow doesn't happen when you move from a parent's house into a domestic living situation with a gf/bf. It's not a good idea. It's... show more

I feel hurt and like I am not enough for him. He has been divorced for 3years and says he doesn t know if he will do it again. I have never been married or engaged and I have always had that dream. He says he loves me and does things to say he does but the thought of never having that dream really hurts.

What do you think of a guy that does this?

49 answers · Singles & Dating · 1 week ago
I went to grab his crotch. He freaked out and laughed nervously. Then he tried to pass it off as him "teasing" me... Deceptive??

Got feelings for an old man?

19 answers · Singles & Dating · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: You're both adults. If you like him and he's not attached give it a shot and see what happens. It's all about how two people relate with each other not about when they were born.

So my mom is in the process of getting a divorce from my narcissist father who has caused emotional damage to our family throughout the years. The divorce is not completely final but my mom seems to think it is. I did something any daughter would do and SNOOPED around because she was acting weird and her “gym”... show more

How many social media accounts do you have in total?

25 answers · Singles & Dating · 2 weeks ago

Girlfriend got a tattoo without telling me. Should I be worried?

33 answers · Singles & Dating · 2 weeks ago
I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for more than 2 years and we live together, she’s 21 and I’m 23. Recently she became close friends with two other girls who are into tattoos. They have become a large influence on her, things have changed for us since she joined them. I have said to her before that... show more

Need help to make my brother happy?

29 answers · Family · 2 weeks ago
My brother is 5 (turning 6 next month). He is a sweet and adorable boy and I love so much. Last week, I broke up with my boyfriend after I found him cheating on me and when I got home, I unleashed all my anger on my brother (Verbally) which reduced him to tears. I apologized later and he accepted him, even hugging... show more

How to get closure after friendship ending?

35 answers · Friends · 2 weeks ago
One year ago today my best friend of 20+ years, ended our friendship due to me suggesting she learn to drive. We were 35 and for years I’ve been taking her to work, and she frequently mooched off of me. She responded by writing the most hateful email, threw all my issues in my face (my weight, debt, and so on) and... show more