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Best answer: I don't know how much it cost. Its a yellow gold Tiffany style solitaire with 2.2 carats.

Should I break up with my boyfriend?

106 answers · Singles & Dating · 5 days ago
We were talking about if we would ever get married and it was an amazing conversation but towards the end I asked if there’s anything I could ever do that he wouldn’t forgive, and he said cheat on him, which led us to start talking about celebrity crushes and if we would let eachother cheat with a celebrity crush ,... show more

What can I do If I fall in love with a married lady?

94 answers · Singles & Dating · 3 days ago

Sexless marriage?

40 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 1 day ago
My husband and I are currently in our late 40s and I find myself in a pickle. We don't have sex. We've only had sex a few times this year. We don't have the best relationship and my husband said that it's hard to want to snuggle up to someone you really aren't feeling at the moment. WE do... show more

My husband's farts are ruining our marriage, what should i do?

29 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 20 hours ago
My husband farts a lot and they smell really bad. He will fart in bed, in the car, when we are watching TV or having sex, which by the way is a huge turnoff. I told him to stop farting but he continues doing it. I am at my wit's end and I am almost ready to file for a divorce. What should I do to heal this... show more

Best answer: Gosh, the guys on here making excuses for that kind of BAD behaviour ... and it IS bad behaviour. If he keeps cheating despite claiming to love you, stop putting up with it. Just kick him out. Chances are he only does it because you let him, by taking him back every time, falling for his lines .... And young men... show more

Is the guy I am dating being too forward too soon?

29 answers · Singles & Dating · 1 day ago
Best answer: Already you're feeling overwhelmed which isn't a good thing, or an easy topic to bring-up with someone you barely know. As for approaching dating in a Godly way, even if there are books out there on dating in a Godly way in no way has God had any input, lol. Sorry about that but I just needed to say it.... show more

How do I make my husband love me ?

34 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 2 days ago

Public proposal yes or no?

20 answers · Weddings · 23 hours ago
I'm planning to propose to my SO of 2 years, in Rome in a few months, I have found a really romantic restaurant that I'm willing to splurge on, however, I don't know whether to propose during the meal or before hand. My partner is quite shy however, they have always in enjoyed my grand displays of... show more

Am I too tight for sex?

28 answers · Singles & Dating · 2 days ago
So me and my boyfriend have been trying for a while and this is gonna sound so dumb but it’s like when he tried to put it in it hits a brick wall, like obviously I’m aware it’s painful but I’m not like clenching or anything, stupid question but I was wondering if there’s anything to do and if there’s a reason for this?

Am I too old to be told what to do by my parents?

14 answers · Family · 5 hours ago
I'm 24.

Should she allow her hisband to have sex with many escorts so that he too can come to her level and get experienced from them so that both of them can go in their marriage as experienced in sex which will remove the insecurity and inferiorness of the inexperienced partner?

Hey Pearl L why do you answer so many questions?

15 answers · Family · 2 days ago
Best answer: Because it is fun

Should I leave my husband for another man?

17 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 1 day ago
I’m ashamed to be in this position but for a few years I’ve been feeling unloved and neglected by my husband. Sex is generally to please him then 5 minutes later he’s done with me. I’ve never been pleasured by him emotionally or physically, he is a good provider and I know he does love me. We have a 3 year old... show more

Why do people think teen pregnancy is a bad thing?

23 answers · Other - Family & Relationships · 2 days ago
*JUST A QUESTION* I know most people say “your not ready to have a baby” “babies are expensive” “your just a kid” etc. But I see so many wonderful teen mums who support their babies. Just because they are in their teenage years (not necessarily talking about underage mums, ALL teen years) does NOT mean they cannot... show more

I’m 24 years old (female), and I come from a middle eastern family. Started recently talking to a guy, and we’ve only been on one date so far, but the chemistry was great. Way too early to tell how it’s going to pan out obviously. Anyways, I was considering going out on a second date with him....but my family... show more