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Best answer: Agreed

Why cant we just throw our rubbish into space?

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What caused the norte dame cathedral fire in paris france?

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Best answer: Yes it is

Does anyone think its extremely sad about the Notre Dame cathedral?

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i saw this yesterday and felt shocked, i am not french but i am a british man of european descent from spain, and i felt a real shock and and anger at seeing the burning crashing spire of Notra Dame and wondering how it happened? i mean it was an an ancient piece of architect and building, which can never be... show more

Where is the Boston Marathon being help this year?

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This vile turncoat rather wishes to use our public legal aid to return back to England, a country which she BETRAYED! she has shown zero remorse and even justified the Manchester bombing as a sort of retribution for British military actions! Bedlam ! Has our home office lost its marbles. She made her bed with... show more

Best answer: Yes it was a very eye opening programme.

Could the firey damage to Notre Dame be caused by a meteorite?

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Best answer: Nope. The roof had lead sheeting, over 850 year old wooden beams. Much more likely, renovation accident - since it happened after the end of the day work stoppage. Someone forgot to turn off a soldering furnace, spontaneous combustion from oily rags, sparks smoldering after a torch was used, or electrical sparking,... show more

Will it happen within say 12 months?

Has Brexit broken the peace process in Ireland after 21 years?

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How would you fix the Cathedral of Notre Dame?

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Best answer: A Starbucks near the entrance would be nice.

Best answer: Pencil neck Schiff has had the 'proof' for over two years. He needs to be charged with obstruction for: withholding the evidence Mueller has been searching for.