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Best answer: Because of the wall around her house, you cannot get close enough. Walls are effective.

Why is it so hard for racists to admit they are racist?

162 answers · Politics · 2 days ago
same goes with xenophobes, homophobes, islamaphobes, etc

Are the vast majority of republicans racist rednecks?

74 answers · Politics · 23 hours ago

Michelle Obama would be a good president?

92 answers · Politics · 24 hours ago
what. do. you. think. ?

Who can give me the BEST reason to hate president Trump?

45 answers · Politics · 11 hours ago
I know a lot of us hate Trump, but what's YOUR #1 reason?

Do you support or oppose the wall?

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Best answer: Yes he is

Is he bluffing? I'm still in highschool and don't think it's even legal to be kicked out at this time.

Which will win if America and the EU war?

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Does Hillary Clinton think Liberals are stupid?

23 answers · Politics · 15 hours ago

When will the riots begin?

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Why are Republicans opposed to legalizing marijuana?

31 answers · Politics · 18 hours ago