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Best answer: So they can continue to ruin the USA. The Democratic Party loves America like Hitler loved Germany.

Ivanka Trump is in Africa. Why did she go there?

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Best answer: To showcase her three outfit changes while promoting women’s opportunities she’s completely out of touch with.

Best answer: Everybody on the planet knows they have no honor, Possibly through no fault of their own. Made a career out of it. Born into it. And would do anything to create the opposite effect. And there isn't a thing we can do about it because we are scared rabbits with no resources to fight back effectively. It must be... show more

Did Mueller set up Trump to be impeached?

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Best answer: Watching you Leftists today is an extremely valuable lesson in the psychosis that festers in your ideology. Damned entertaining as well.

And we all understand that to obstruct Justice is to commit a crime? Everyone understand? And so now Congress must decide if they choose to charge Trump and impeach him. Everyone understand now?

Or by accepting the results of investigation and not the other do I just look like an ignorant troll? That goes for those who don't accept the results of Mueller's investigation too, no evidence of collusion.

I’ve seen several democrats here say the republicans and democrats changed names, that the modern day Democratic Party was once called the Republican Party and vice versa. I can’t seem to find any information about the parties ever switching names however. Can someone provide more information please?

Why did did the Democrat party support slavery?

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Was it simply because republicans opposed slavery or were there other reasons?

It is known that Muslims destroy the holy sites of others. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbnPT3je...


Best answer: He should stay president permanently!!

Maybe it was never the color of their skin. Maybe it was that people feel uncomfortable around someone who holds a grudge against them for reasons they have nothing to do with.

Best answer: A domestic violence shelter denying victims of domestic violence help because of their sex, makes about as much sense as a hospital denying help to victims of medical conditions because of their sex. When it’s women who are discriminated against, everyone screams about it, but when men are discriminated against,... show more

Nixon is the worst President of the United States?

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