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Is 78,000 miles a lot for a 2015 Toyota Corolla?

29 answers · Toyota · 5 days ago
The car has no accidents. It's been well maintained.

Best answer: no need you can replace piston rings valve guides and bearing shells and oil pump for very little cost , it may even be possible without removing the engine from the car, sometimes a high pressure oil pump will extend the life of a car

Car problems?

5 answers · Chevrolet · 4 hours ago
I don’t have a license rn but I bought my own car with my own money and my mom somehow disabled it to the point where it cranks but won’t start how can I get my car to start again or wat can I reconnect that she may have disconnected? It’s a 2003 Chevy cavalier

2004 Ford Taurus Sadan?

7 answers · Ford · 3 days ago
I’m inquiring if $200 is a good price to sell my Rebuilt 2004 Ford Taurus Sadan, or can I get more for it? tkatfun 20 points best answer

Air conditioner wont turn on?

10 answers · Subaru · 4 days ago
I got a 2001 subaru outback for super cheap, but the ac wont work. I press the button, and the light comes on, but the compressor never engages. Any suggestions?

What is a Sedan that is powerful in terms of acceleration?

6 answers · Other - Car Makes · 4 days ago
Best answer: Chrysler got the guts, you CIVIC only has a four banger in it so a any thing with a V6 0r V8 is going to out perform the road rat Civic.

Best answer: You sure your light switch is not set to the "parking" light position?

Smoking blue at startup is major?

4 answers · Nissan · 3 days ago
Best answer: Your car is probably burning oil. Check it at least once a week, add more oil when you need to.

thats the diagnostic but i have no idea about cars

Best answer: $400+ per month IF they'd even consider insuring you. After first speeding ticket: $600+ per month.

Opinions on the 1969-70 Cadillac's?

7 answers · Other - Car Makes · 5 days ago
Best answer: 472cid V8,, about 5,000 pounds, about 8 MPG in the city. You can get a very nice '70 Calais convertible for about $20K (ref: Hemmings) You will have "fun" trying to fix/replace anything that breaks.

Would it be the timing or in the fuel system?

5 answers · Honda · 5 days ago
I have a 2.1 1996 honda accord that stalled out on me while sitting at a red light it started back and was idling fine but once you push the gas in it starts puttin and will not really dirve everyone Is saying it has something to do with the fuel system but i was trying to get some other input. Could anyone... show more