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How often do I clean the tv screen?

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Best answer: It could be due to a faulty switch or, if it was on standby, a mains surge. I used to have a hifi system that would turn itself on at apparently random times. It could be something as simple as a fridge motor starting up and sending a spike through the house wiring which the TV mistakes as a signal to turn on.

I have an insignia flat screen TV from Best Buy, gifted to me in February 2017. Within the past 3 weeks, whenever I turn the TV on, the screen will continue to stay black, other times when I turn the TV on it will work just fine. Has anyone else had this problem

Best answer: It will surely be okay, one time doesn't hurt. Plus most of the times those websites just tell you that it isn't recommended, you could wipe it with toilet paper for all I cared, as long as you wouldn't repeat the same error

Best answer: some tv's allow you to set a Min/Max volume. perhaps you should check your switch on preferences. Some also have a Hotel mode which might prevent you from seeing those settings in the menu. dont know what your tv offers.

What is smart tv?

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Best answer: if the TV is connected to a cable or satellite box, then that may be the culprit

How much would this TV be worth?

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Toshiba 32 inch Model no: 32SLV411U I can't find any prices for a used one. I figure it's too old

My cable tv box remote suddenly stopped controlling my tv's volume. It was working fine one day, then not working the next day. I've tried resetting the remote and reselecting that it control the volume according to the instructions provided by the cable company (Optimum) but no luck. Any suggestions?

Diect TV question?

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Best answer: Nonsense. The TV brand does not matter. As long as it has a suitable input socket then it will work with the hotel TV system. The real problem for the hotel is that your own TV will not have the volume-limiting restriction which hotel TVs usually have to reduce noise disturbance to other residents. For... show more

Best answer: Theft of service occurs when No One is paying for it.

TV repair issue?

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Best answer: you should have enough knowledge and experience to repair it .... also some testing instruments .... such as oscilloscope ... we cannot distinguish an electronic component if it is ok or bad by looking ... in mechanics it is possible ... a broken tooth of a gear .. i ask you how you can test a diode if it is ok or... show more