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Best answer: The more activity you have had on the disk, the less likely it would be that folks could find it. However, there are circumstances for which recovery MIGHT be possible. The more time that has passed, and the more non-picture activities you have had, the less likely such recovery would be. However, there is no... show more

I need help?

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Would my mom notice if i did this?

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Best answer: i wouldnt do that, thats stealing, you wouldnt want sorneone to do that to you so do unto others, if you want it offer to do extra chores for it, i wouldnt steal , that can get you into trouble big tirne , including jail

How to remove a hard drive from a Dell computer?

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Advice on upgrading computer hardware for gaming.?

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Every time I have upgraded my computer I ve never felt quite happy with the framerates in the games I play and so I want to ask for advice this time on what I should spend the most on for my needs. What might be bottlenecking the build? Does everything have to be upgraded? My current build: CPU: i5 8600K... show more

So I was just casually browsing the web and later when I open one of my folders, my computer suddenly died and now it won't turn on, i tried resetting it but nothing happened. I'm grateful for those who tried to help :)

Best answer: Yes. You can run it over a hard drive with a bolder and information can still be obtained. Its just, how much you willing to pay for it, to get that information back.

Is there any free anti virus for laptop?

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My laptop is so slow. Is there any solution to make it fast?

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My hard drive is wearing out on this four year old computer. I would like to update it to a newer hard drive if I can. The hard drive I am trying to replace is already a hybrid so it is very fast. I also would like a 1 TB hard drive. I have Windows 10, I have a touch screen 16 GB of memory and backlit keyboard.... show more

What kind of laptop can run Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, Robin Hood, L.A. Noire, and new games like Lego Movie 2, assuming it uses more computer graphic/processing/etc. than Hitman 2 (2018)? I had a pc that could only run Hitman (2016), but it was slow.

Best answer: Your question makes little sense. Has your existing hard drive failed? If not you can just get a new hard drive and clone the old one to it, then put the new one in the computer and you're done. There's no need spend 100 + bucks on a copy of W10. If your existing hard drive is dead already just install a... show more

Do we really need faster PCs?

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Best answer: Yes, we do. Sincerely yours Tim Apple

Can Dell 2 in 1s ranging from 1k+++ USD run pc games easily?

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