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I’m going to a concert soon and want to know how much I can record before i run out of space. Don’t know how to do the math. Overall I have 16 GB, but 13.4GB are being used. So I only have 2.6 GB of free space. I want to record videos at a rate of 175 MB per minute. How many minutes will I be able to record at my... show more

HELP: I was playing minecraft on a server called MineSuperior. I was accused of hacking so one of the staff asked me to download an app called any-desk and give them permissions. Until I had given them full permission I had no Idea what this app was for until he started moving my mouse around and clicking on... show more

Am I a troll?

6 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Your mommas a troll your daddy's a troll...

Best answer: Don't have a clue in what direction you are heading. Training (how far can you take training?), grooming, what is considered abuse, ailments, diseases, shots, dog houses, get rid of crates, they are not little prison cells. How to stop excessive barking, taming the aggressive dog, all about the lumps &... show more

Can you live without a computer?

24 answers · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: I was around 33 when I got my Commodore 64 I could not live without one since around the 286 days.

Best answer: Well, a Cray Titan uses thousands of each - so yes! The one at Oak Ridge laboratory has 18,688 CPU chips and 18,688 GPUs. Each CPU chip is a 16 core type so actually almost 300,000 CPU cores in total..

What really is a hacker?

7 answers · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: In the original (or arguably real) sense, someone who knows how a particular type of thing or machine works so well they can take it apart and rebuild it to work differently or better. Computer hacking began with people wanting to build their own computers, before home computers or mass-produced machines... show more

Best answer: Not normal, but not unusual. The file system doesn't care what time it is now. It simply looks at what the timestamp of the file says. So if the file says it's from 2037...so be it. The timestamp is usually generated by the operating system, but it's quite easy for someone to manually modify it. ... show more

Best answer: It's called "marketing hype". Convince people your product is better, and people will buy it even if it is not any better than an old laptop....

My Compoter wont tur n on ?

8 answers · 1 month ago
Best answer: You need to clarify, Windows got damaged or computer is silent and dead? First may have been the result of those activities but second scenario is much more like wear and tear of PSU component.

Greetings! I'm a newbie cable technician who has been running cat6 cable from point a to b for several months through ceilings, vents, etc. I have a task ticket run cable through a office building under construction with no traditional ceiling. Traditional meaning one with moveable panels. The top of the... show more

Best answer: He will authorize a refill for my prescription of Alprazolam and Topiramate.

Best answer: Windows 10 is, by and large fine and better than windows 7. I have been using windows 10 since it was released and have had no problems whatsoever. A few people have had problems with updates but these are usually easily resolved and rarely cause significant damage. I have a desktop and 2 laptops running windows 10... show more

New Volume E Drive?

6 answers · 2 months ago
to start off with, im a comupter idiot. I know next to nothing about computers and if someone even mentions the word "motherboard" i get a migraine. I may be 19, but i might as well be a grandpa with how awful at computers i am. I know that it's a hard disk partition and that it's empty space for... show more

Best answer: Technology has a weird way of accelerating. There is a slim possibility engineers will have figured out quantum computing and holographic memory. If so, computing will get weird really fast. By that I mean, too fast for the user's learning curve.

Best answer: This reeks of "Well, if I can't use this, nobody should get it." Downright spiteful.

Best answer: I've told you the answer before. Why you no WHISTEN!

Also with as much hardware is in the world and beams and satellites bombarding our brains every hour, do you think, it's to blame for how crazy the human race is turning. Thanks for reading.