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Can you play xbox one games on xbox 360?

5 answers · Xbox · 4 days ago

Division 2 for PC keeps crashing?

5 answers · PC · 3 days ago
So i recently just completed my first PC build with a ryzen 2600 processor with 16gb of RAM. When I bought some of these items, they came with free games. For some reason, after about 5 to 15 minutes of gameplay, my computer completely shuts down, no warning sign whatsoever. Im only running it at 1080p at 144 Hz.... show more

Can you play Xbox with a broken wrist?

6 answers · Xbox · 1 week ago

Would you care if this happened?

4 answers · PlayStation · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Yes I would. You paid for a fake product. You were lied to. If you charge it and the battery is not up to standards then you risk burning down your place.

Why do people say the Wii U failed?

11 answers · Nintendo Wii · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: there are only 700,000 people on earth though

I've seen people turn their PC into a Wii and a PS2, but if you had a really good gaming computer and wanted to save money and not buy a console, is it possible to just put a gaming platform on your PC? If so, how?

Is it just my PS4?

6 answers · PlayStation · 3 weeks ago
When I am playing Doom, disc spins so noisy till I exit the game. It happens also when I play Star Wars Battlefront 2. Other games are fine. disc is very clean. Is it because disc is not clean or have little scratch? I am using ps4 slim.

Best answer: hi not if you want lots of abuse. show a skunk or meerkat

Is this a pc worth buying for the price?

7 answers · PC · 3 weeks ago

Best answer: yes. just dont be a thot and post boob selfies or some shet

Best answer: hi yes only a child would do it. be fox.

How To Fix My PC?

8 answers · PC · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: Have you tried booting is safe mode? If you don't know what that means, you would probably be in over your head in trying to solve your issue. But if you still want to take on the challenge, assuming you have access to the internet from another device, search for safe mode for you brand of PC (usually its like... show more

Best answer: Oooohhh....that riot cheat code would be a fun one. Although, sometimes when driving in stupid traffic I'd love that "destroy all nearby cars" or "get a tank" cheat code. The flying cars cheat would be fun, too.

What is the standard pc operating voltage?

9 answers · PC · 4 weeks ago

How to get playstation free gift code?

6 answers · PlayStation · 4 weeks ago

I have a PlayStation 1 and PlayStation 2 slim that I’m thinking about selling it. I had a PlayStation 3 but it broke a while back. Good news is that the 3 controllers for it still worked fine last time I used them. Accessories: 3 DualShock 3 controllers (PS3) 3 DualShock 2 controllers (PS2) 9 PS2 memory cards... show more

What channel do i put my vizio tv to play my nintendo wii?

6 answers · Nintendo Wii · 1 month ago