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Why people buy those POS Harleys?

15 answers · 1 day ago
Why don't they buy a Hayabusa? Harleys are low, long, heavy and expensive. Whereas Hayabusa is comparable to a Bugatti Veyron. Plus, Hayabusa in made in Japan, so it's got Honda like reliability. Harley, on the other hand, break down all the time. So... Why people buy Harleys? Must be a baby... show more

Motorcycle endorsement question?

8 answers · 2 days ago
So i recently bought motorcycle for the streeet and I currently dont have a motorcycle endorsement yet.( i plan on getting it very soon) So what is the penalty in NJ for riding without an endorsement if you ever got pulled over? And do police officers know you dont have the endorsement when they run your plates and... show more

assuming the rider isnt speeding, or riding dangerously. i noticed when im on my 1100 once i hit 45mph i cant slam on the breaks anymore. tried once, and it hurt. but 40mph im okay. but that experience lead me to ask, i layed my bike down by grabbing the brakes too hard. it hurt, i got road rash, tore up my... show more

Do you have a motorcycle?

29 answers · 1 week ago

I plan to buy an entire body set oem from a friend in perfect condition as a backup, incase I wreck again in the future. Thanks btw I have the 2012 model.

Do you need to finish school to get a motorcycle permit? My friends dad just said this but idk, maybe he just doesn’t want me to get it lol. But maybe he’s right...idk, yahoo fam can you help me?

Best answer: You could go for a or I think the Hornet best meets your sample. These helmets are intended for Adventure bike riders. The reality of doing a lot of off-road riding is that your visor will become scratched and... show more

I hit a deer going 50mph on my Ninja 650r and bent the front forks. Im lucky to be alive but im super curious, how much force is required to bend the front forks of said bike? Is there a PSI threshold or is it easy to bend the forks?

Best answer: Yamaha Raider is big, heavy, and expensive. Cruiser style is fine. The Yamaha Virago 700 I had was good. If you have a Motorcycle Safety Foundation course in your area, you should take it. They might have two or three styles of motorcycles: small standard, small cruiser, and possibly small dual sport or small... show more

If I were to set up a foot peg clutch with a jockey shifters and I came up to a stop light for example in 1st, would I have to keep one foot up to hold the clutch down so it doesn’t stall? Kind of a stupid question and I would assume that’s how you would do it but I just want to be sure

Should I get a grom?

5 answers · 1 week ago

Like I said I’ve always wanted one but I have no idea what to look for whatsoever haha. Any advice or tips uhh anything relating to motorcycles?

I have an 06 gsxr750 18,000 miles. It has a sputtering issue when I bought it, so I dont know what the cause is. Anyways, is the seafoam spray suppose to be sprayed directly into the throttle bodies as I'm applying throttle? There are 4 valves that open up, does it matter which I spray in to or should I spray... show more