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Best answer: Why not just join the military.

Best answer: It's just one of the things. Lifeboats don't have lifeboats either.

My name is Larry Nassar, I am currently serving multiple life sentences in prison and I don’t wanna. This big dude says he’s going to beat me up whenever the guards aren’t watching. But I managed to sneak into the wardens office and get on his computer to ask for help. How can I escape from prison without getting... show more

So this instagram page called @texaslatinomedia2018 posted a picture honoring a highschool student in jrotc. Is that okay? I feel like we should honor only those who have actually served. Isn’t honoring a highschool student in JROTC somewhat like stolen valor? It honestly pissed me off but im not sure if this is... show more

Best answer: In Chicago we have "The Field Museum of Natural History" and the "Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum" which in part try to refute the creationist sciences.

Where do clouds go on a clear day?

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Best answer: In coffee mugs

How do you dodge a military draft?

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Best answer: Yes.. Which is why they often lick opened tuna cans.

Best answer: The govt dont like truth tellers. Especially from soldiers. If proven true by your book, you are a threat and expendable. Your book will never see the light of day. And watch your back just to make sure no fatal accidents happens to you all of a sudden.