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It appears that Mueller investigated a charge that he knew was fake for 2 years in order to set up a second non-charge of improper response to the first fake charge. Since that is obviously politics and Mueller is not a politician, isn't that a crime? Like abuse of prosecutorial discretion?

Best answer: I'm not sure,but the cops surely don't have a hard time telling.

Best answer: No,but the munchkin that owns it wolud truly appreciate it.

Best answer: No,but they think it's ok to steal food from strangers at picnics.. (Fighting the ants for the food is the hard part.)

Best answer: My family bought me one of those when I was ten. If I hadnt used all my paper route money to buy them tombstones with earlier dates, we would't be here wondering why I have antennae at all.

Best answer: Does it matter? You are entitled to laugh at whatever you find funny. Some people laugh at accidents and tragedies.

Best answer: #1 don't get an erection #2 don't stare

Best answer: I WISH when I was DOWN in FLORIDA it was?.............. I LEFT my SCOTUM in MIAMI!..............😂😂😂😂

Best answer: That was my job. I'm retired now though.

All the military veterans I know personally don't do this because they think it comes off as weird/show offy. But I see other people do it all the time and it does seem a little weird (no offense) your like going out to eat at MacDonalds in full camo. Why? Is the uniform comfy or something? Are they going to... show more

Are all births an emergency?

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Poll: Pizza or Cheeseburgers?

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Best answer: It could cause it to roll over several times