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Best answer: People think highly of those signs, so the ones who aren't thought of worry about them. Those who ask about them look up to them and say they're mad that they're thought of as better as them.

Would you marry a aqaurius or pisces?

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Best answer: aquarius definitely

Im not speaking on all Capricorn’s but I have noticed this pattern where they’ll have their own money but still find a way to get you to buy and do things for them. It’s pretty annoying I have a coworker that I adore but she almost always visits or hangs out with me to smoke my dab pen. And when she doesn’t get... show more

Are all Leos dumb?

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Best answer: Putting aside the fact astrology is one of the stupidest things ever. There are these things called coincidences.

Has Astrology saved your life?

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Who should I pick? Virgo or Taurus?

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I’m a Aries woman who was stuck between two earth sign men (i attract them a lot due to my Virgo placements). I ended up choosing the Virgo instead of the Taurus because he claimed me fast and showered me with gifts and affection. I’m starting to regret it because I felt like me and the Taurus man was building a... show more

How has Astrology affected you?

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Best answer: All my life I have been told I am inferior, that I am a failure and disappointment to my parents and family. I have been locked in my room for years because of my disability which I've been ashamed of. But then I got a cellphone and learnt about astrology and that I am an Aquarius Sun with a Virgo moon and that... show more

Best answer: Sounds like a junkie hooked on crack, meth or LSD

Can you bullies a scorpio woman?

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Best answer: It would have been better not to have this section at all. If you had an education and are science literate, the belief holds no logic.

I was reading my horoscope and was a little shocked/disappointed when I read “may go to great lengths on a sexual level to please his partner but they may remain insatiable” thus far I wouldn’t say that’s entirely accurate but disappointing to see nonetheless... my dads on the other hand read Strong physically and... show more

Best answer: No: 42 is the real key

Best answer: Outdoors, Aquarius .

I studied accounting in university and did well but all my jobs have been unsuccessful. Please help I need to support my family. What is the best career field for me. I was born on April 29,1996 5:15pm IST in Thiruvarur, India. Simha Rasi and Poorva Phalguni 4th Pada

Are Geminis demons?

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Best answer: Absolutely my sister is a Gemini she has been a demon since I can remember cut her out if my life yrs ago

Best answer: According to chart at present time is running tray in south direction mother related less age and different complex is batter choice future is good

Why do Capricorns like Geminis?

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