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Most attention seeking zodiac sign?

18 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: Leo can't stop it. They are only happy when in the middle of the attention and can't stand not being adored, applauded, loved visibly and audibly. When you ignore them coming in the room, they sulk and throw a STUPID fit. They get really sulky when you don't lavish praise and attention on them.... show more

What a loser

Opinions on aquarius women?

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Best answer: Good: Genuine, kind, humble, funny, fun, intellectual, unique, talented, honest and passionate. One can be their true self around them. What I respect the most in them, is their thrive for justice! Bad: Sometimes they unintentionally come off as “rude”. Can be provocative. Usually provoking others to get a reaction show more

How do you feel about Virgos?

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Virgo mom Pisces Dad. Mom and dad fought a lot. Father was alcoholic to numb himself being around my mother. Thought he was probably cheating never caught. Mom waited to divorce dad after kids moved out. Toxic family life with drunk dad and a lot of fighting. What about yours?

Are Virgos bully?

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Best answer: Anyone of any sign can be bullies.

Best answer: You should get both of your charts done by someone who is an expert in astrology, Caramel. There are a lot of different aspects that interact with each other in various ways that, while maybe not an exact science, do seem to have some significance in determining patterns and perspectives of personality. For... show more

Is astrology just racism for girls?

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Best answer: Astrology has nothing to do with race lol. More like signism... for every gender, not just females.

What is a Pisces man like?

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I’m talking to one, and btw I’m a saggitarius woman

Who is cuter Virgo or Capricorn?

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Best answer: The puppy

Best answer: Someone with a whole load of Aries in their chart. (Just a joke, and that's just the counter balance of Aries because Aries are awesome too, as every sign is.) It depends on who you are. I would like emotional people. I don't want insensitive people that get ticked off easily and then they get at people... show more

Im a scorpio male and I think this aquarius girl is perfect for me but she can be detached sometimes

Best answer: Very hard because they dont care.. you could tell them they are like everyone else, nothing unique or special, boring, naive, shallow... They move on quick and pride themselves on beibng unconventional so target that.

Are Pisces people traumatized?

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Best answer: Perceptions of the characteristics of people based on mythological traits surrounding stars that were in different positions when astrology was invented is not a science and cannot be used to categorise people in that way.