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What do guys think of pubic hair?

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Are all of them interested in the brazilian style? I personally think it's weird to have nothing down there.


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Is it safe to bleach eyebrows at home?

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First: How often shall I shampoo my hair in summer? Second : If I run on the treadmill daily, do I need to shampoo daily or is cold water enough to clean my sweaty hair?

i trim my daughters hair every 8-10 weeks, and take her to get it cut short twice yearly. I have it cut to her ears into a one length bob at the beginning of the school year and again when the weather starts to get warmer. She is now 8 and we didn’t cut her hair at the beginning of this year, so it is now at her... show more

Is it normal to pull out my hair?

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Best answer: U know I went through the same thing with my fiance when we first got together. I just nicely brought up the subject one day with him and politely asked if he would consider trying to trim his pubic hair down short then showed him mine as an example lol. I told him I didnt mean any offense by it or anything, but... show more

If I bleach my hair, then dye it, once the dye fades, will it go back to bleached hair, or my natural color?

I don't have a problem with his chest hair, it isn't even that much. But sometimes it scratches my boobs?!?

Best answer: Depends on the person's skin undertones and complexion as well, one can have blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair and look washed out if their skin undertones are olive/warm... if the person has cool skin undertones, with blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair, yes.. it can make a world of difference... so,... show more

Should I keep my hair short?

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Best answer: With your face shape, I think any length hair would look great, just stick with what you like, considering warmer weather is coming up, I'd recommend keeping it short for the time being, and growing it out during fall/winter. (plus you can hide awkward bits under hats without being questioned)

Best answer: I'm a pageant kid... there is so much more to beauty pageants then people realize. From what I've heard, people either think of "Toddlers and Tiaras" or the JonBenet Ramsey Case, which I understand but there is still so much more to it. Pageants prepare girls for many things: 1. College and job... show more