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For an example, American universities are all ranked higher than Chinese universities despite China being a bigger country. Shouldnt China have the best universities in the world since the Chinese are the smartest? why does the US have the best universities if we are supposed to be soo stupid and uneducated?

My daughter is 15 years old who has been living and studying her whole life in English in England. I am going to be moving to Spain (Barcelona) and I need advice on what I should do that's best for her. She turns 16 in novermber as she is going to be doing her very last year of GCSE's, however we are moving... show more

Best answer: Permanent resident in Canada? You're already a Canadian citizen. You couldn't get official Permanent Resident status if you tried. That is what people who are citizens of other countries get when they have moved to Canada and before they become citizens. All you have to do is move to Canada if you want to.... show more

Best answer: It is the ultimate payment for an offense against a holy God. Sin brings death and eternal condemnation. The way to avoid the eternal condemnation is to have an acceptable payment for the sin. God has deemed that the shedding of blood, the taking of an innocent life, is the way to make that payment happen. Yet even... show more

I live in the Sanctuary State of Oregon. Here everyone is tolerant toward undocumented immigrants. In fact, the police, and even the judges are prohibited from even asking any immigration related questions. People here can be prosecuted by the state if they dare to tell ICE about an undocumented... show more

My sister just got accepted to a university in the US (Lawrence University) but we haven't applied for a Visa yet. Can we take a gap year before going to university as an international student without a Visa? And can we apply for the Visa later after 1 year? I need a reliable source of information. Thank you.

Visa Rejection due to a petition?

4 answers · 3 weeks ago
There is an F4 petition placed for my father by his sister(PD-Sept 2005). I am above 21 however. Still, for transparency purposes I decided to mention about the petition in the DS-160 form. I have been accepted to MIT. It's really important for me to be there this Fall intake. I've seen people with great... show more

Any message from Biddax global for me

University in Europe or USA?

4 answers · 3 weeks ago
I'm European and come from the Balkan.The Balkan is not the best place to go to university so I chose to study somewhere abroad.I know it's difficult because you have to be apart from your family so I was thinking about Europe and countries like Germany,Spain,Italy..etc.Im about to be 3rd year in high... show more

I am 19 and am currently under psychological medication. Though I am well now,there was a time when I was maniac. I cleared many competitive exams after 12th ..still my parents won t agree on the issue of letting me live alone. My passion doesn t lie on journalism. But my parents force me to study bjmc. I... show more

A levels in Ireland from Pakistan?

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Hi so my friend was born in Ireland but was raised in Pakistan and has done her equivalent to GCSEs there and wishes to come back to Ireland to start her A levels and go onto university in Ireland. However isn't in the financial position for her family to just pay for her to go. How can she then go to ireland... show more

Ideas of work abroad?

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Best answer: Your path of least resistance will be teaching English. That's the only occupation where you'll find a lot of businesses willing to hire a foreign high-school graduate and help with getting a work visa. Many people teaching English abroad have absolutely no qualifications other than being a native English... show more