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My father sold a boat to a woman who used to live near us. He was kind enough to park it up at a private farm and make the payment for rent as long as she paid him the money. Four months ago, she left the United States after her house was taken by the bank, and now my father is essentially paying rent... show more

I'm considering purchasing a new sailboat to learn on but a lot of the good deals are up in in orange county and los angeles while i live in san diego. There's no way i can tow it home so is it a terrible idea to attempt to learn to sail with it right off the bat by sailing it home?

I have a couple old lawn mower engines sitting around and would like to convert one to a small boat motor for fun. I see people doing this by attaching it to a lower unit of an old boat motor. Where can I find an old lower unit without a motor for cheap? Or if anybody has any ideas on how to make my own shaft and... show more

I have a 1985 25hp xd mercury outboard. Its a 2 stroke and a tiller handle. Recently just got it for my boat and its needing a prop. What diameter and pitch would this motor need?? Ive googled and had no luck. Somebody please help!!!

Best answer: The PROBLEM is that you don't understand the purpose for a "livewell" in a small boat. The livewell pump is NOT supposed to pull water from the bottom of the boat. An aerator just circulates the water in the tank to keep it fresh so your bait or fish stay alive. If you want to remove water from the... show more

Best answer: VHF Marine Band Radio, 156.7Mhz. A 30 watt FM unit will get you 50 miles if your antenna mast is tall.

all that food and how do they get it onto the boat?

I live in Jacksonville FL, there looks to be many opportunities to work on big ships or smaller boats. There is only one diesel program near me and it is for automotive. I have contacted them and they say there is routes for a marine tech. I'm not sure how i could transition a diesel degree into a diesel marine... show more

How long can you hold on to a boat?

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I was watching the incredibles and I feel like they held on to that boat for way longer than you should be able to. How long can you do it?

1951 Johnson 10 hp boat motor worth?

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Might post the step by step build on YouTube, can't find the right plans I need help looking for the correct plans to buy

Something like a checklist

Patches are worthless. So other than staying out of the cabin and not eating any meals what could I do? I'm a diabetic by the way and need to figure out what I can pack that won't make me toss my cookies during an 8 hour charter on lake superior. Definitely bringing a change of clothes.