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Best answer: Privatisation has introduced shareholders and CEOs with outrageous salaries. In addition there is a nationalised infrastructure organisation called Network Rail that is not linked to the disparate rail firms. It's an unholy mess that provides a piss poor service to overcharged customers. When it was a national... show more

Best answer: Probably the same reason that the few remaining steam locomotives are still being maintained and more renovated - they are iconic. https://www.railadvent.co.uk/2018/02/nrm-make-riley-son-offer-for-steam-locomotive-60103-flying-scotsman.html As "Dimo" says about vintage luxury cars vs. new ones, there is... show more

Hi, I’m going to see family that’s out of town for Christmas. I’m nervous as this is my first time taking a Via Rail train and I don’t know what to do once im in there. I’ll already have my tickets printed out as I’ve bought them online. Once I’ve entered the station, where do I go? What do I do? Ive seen pictures... show more

Best answer: Take it and just WORK HARD. Be the first guy at work. Look, listen and LEARN. You will need all the learning. Good luck.

Best answer: Amtrak hasn't gone through Phoenix to Union Station in 22 years. It stops in the town of Maricopa, thirty miles south of Phoenix. Cheap flights to LA every half hour, an aging building, urban growth around the rail line limiting train speed, and the fact that Phoenix was a spur off the main line all combined... show more

Best answer: Dw bout it babes God is the forgiving and most merciful he forgives our sins X But those who do evil deeds, then repent and believe, they will find your Lord Forgiving and Merciful. Quran 7:153

Can You Buy A Train?

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Best answer: I probably could but I don't know about your financial situation. There were investment companies that would put your money into sea containers making you a return on the leasing charge. A good idea until there was suddenly a surplus in sea containers and you started to have to pay storage fees rather than... show more

Best answer: Yes, plenty of disused railway stations have been sold off in the past. Sometimes it’s just the station building, or it can include the platform for the station building as well. It doesn’t matter whether there is a live running track beside the property being sold but Network Rail will not usually sell off... show more

Best answer: The same reason the roads in India are poorer than in the USA. India has the largest rail network in the world, and it is well-run (but not quite as good as Japan) because that is the primary means of long distance travel. There are 200 MILLION more cars in America than India, and the car/coach is the preferred... show more

Best answer: High speed trains are around £1 million per vehicle. See link I have put in comment .

Best answer: No. The Conductor is the guy who deals with the passengers/cargo. The "driver" has always been the Engineer.

Best answer: "Transportation" has broad use in many ways. Though i wish i knew for sure, what period of time you are concerned with, to be sure. The term, "carrier" is used with rail cars and copper wire. Therefore we have to say telegraph was an early period transportation mode, as it carried information.... show more

Best answer: They call that a dining car. I have been in two, one on an AMTRAK train in the 70s and one in Germany. It wouldn't surprise me.

Yesterday, I was driving home and traffic was stopped for about 15 minutes. The train gates were down and flashing red, but there was a yellow truck on the tracks with a hook or something. What was happening there, and why would there be a delay this long?

Best answer: Being a first-timer with a plausible story is a good start. Unused tickets bought before the incident, or a receipt or bank statement showing you paid the rail service enough for several tickets will help.

Best answer: Effectively they’re the same thing. But train tracks are specifically for trains whereas rail tracks could be for trams, dockside cranes, or anything else which runs on rails. But whenever you mention rail tracks the default understanding will be that you still mean trains.