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I really hate doing distance education, I want to be with kids. I want to be in highschool. My dad doesnt want me around other kids and thinks distance education is the best form of learning. How can I prove that a normal high school is better than distance education?

Best answer: White privilege is a made up racist term to try to make whites feel guilty. And it works VERY well. What they mean by it is that it's an aggregation of all the little things that give a white person greater odds for socioeconomic success in life, like being born into a two parent household, growing up in a... show more

I'm currently doing online schooling, and i hate it.

Best answer: "Public school has several advantages over homeschooling, including crucial socialization, a competitive curriculum, and decreased costs." or instead of saying "including" you could say "among them being" socialization, a competitive, curriculum, etc.

Best answer: Your best bet is to throw money out the window of your car in the hood. No one running is pro reps.

Best answer: People tend to murder each other in the big cities, Democrat strongholds.

Best answer: Yes it d does allot

Best answer: Well, I do, because I live here, but you know, see if anyone else can work it out without Google.

and they keep trying to mix conservatism with there spiritual views.... and it doesnt work. bipolar

i’m suffering with terrible anxiety, just the thought of stepping outside and walking my way to school makes me want to throw up. i get restless at night, lay awake for hours just thinking about the school day ahead of me. it’s more often than not i’ll have a breakdown each morning, to the point where i’m on the... show more

Are Brazilians Hispanic?

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Best answer: Something that involves them forcing others to pay for their freebies at the point of a gun.

Best answer: What difference would it make today ?