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Why does Origins prove Atheist liars?

9 answers · Religion & Spirituality · 2 days ago

How many has joined the no religion movement?

6 answers · Villahermosa · 1 day ago

Why does Corvus Blackthorne absolutely HATE God?

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Best answer: It means: they are an addict for opiate for the masses

Best answer: Wasn't that clip on the tv show "When Atheists Attack?"

Are all tacos in Mexico made with tongue?

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When you dine at a Mexican restaurant or have Mexican take out:?

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When you have Mexican food and find rice in your burrito do you feel taken advantage of? I go to several Mexican take-outs in my area and only one restaurant doesn't automatically add rice to my burritos. The only time they would add rice is if it’s a veggie burrito, but they asked the customer first. But at... show more