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Best answer: He wouldn't believe them, Royals don't marry trash.

Why won’t NASA send a horse to space?

16 answers · Tarragona · 2 months ago
Best answer: No engines with enough horsepower...

Did you know that 63 Earths can fit in Uranus?

4 answers · Cordoba · 2 months ago


15 answers · Tenerife · 5 months ago
Best answer: WUN!

Motorcycles are dumb?

7 answers · San Sebastian · 5 months ago
Best answer: Cars are dumb too. All engines are dumb.

So is a trait of a superior race high internal crime and killing of it's own people? Because when you compare country homicide rates, white people kill each other at a much higher rate than Asians do. And when you look at the FBI date inside the USA on race, white Americans also kill people at a much higher... show more

Voltage is 1,000 V, power is 1,000 W. What is the resistance?

5 answers · Homework Help · 6 months ago
Best answer: E = 1000 v P = 1000 w I = 1 a R = 1000Ω A: One kilohm

Best answer: puedo tener una rebanada de pizza? después de la cena, ¿me golpearás en mi trasero?

Is there ihops in spain?

7 answers · Other - Spain · 1 year ago

Fake payslips were made for a wife's visa Bangladesh to the U.K, she hasn't yet arrived in the uk but I feel I need to report it. The husband has never worked or paid tax. I feel it's wronging the honest, hard working citizens.

Best answer: You're mother should've aborted you before you were born.

Any Christians who will be given facts and evidence presented to them but still refuses to accept it and. Pulls out a a fake story of these guys being atheists. You know that's when Christians are pathological and compulsive liars. Meaning they might have disroder known as Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)... show more

Porta Nona - The Ninth Gate?

5 answers · Castellon · 2 years ago
Best answer: The ninth gate is the gate that when opened allows Satan to be freed and walk the earth. There is a film by that name starring Jonny Depp about exactly that. Oh and I watched it. BTW he was a book collector.